Michael Brooks (music historian)

Michael Brooks is a music historian, archivist, consultant, and producer.


Brooks began his music career in 1971, assisting and producing records with John Hammond, noted Columbia Records scout whose discoveries include amongst others, Billie Holiday, Count Basie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. This collaboration resulted in many reissues of jazz, pop, big band, and country music artifacts, currently on the Legacy Recordings label.

Michael Brooks currently works at Sony Music Entertainment as a consultant.


Brooks credits on many various projects include the following:


Liner Notes

Brooks world music projects include the Sony Legacy reissue "Cuban Music: 1909-1951" and the Yiddish compilation "From Avenue A to the Great White Way."

Brooks also specializes in identifying obscure pre-1950 recordings and served as the project manager on the 19-hour PBS Ken Burns Presents Jazz compilation series of 22 single-discs, as well as a five-disc box set historical summary.


Brooks has been nominated for Grammy awards 16 times. His Grammy awards wins include:


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