Mianchi County

Mianchi County
Traditional Chinese 澠池
Simplified Chinese 渑池

Mianchi County (simplified Chinese: 渑池; traditional Chinese: 澠池; pinyin: Miǎnchí) falls under the jurisdiction of Sanmenxia City, Henan.


The name of Yangshao Culture was related with a scholar of Swedish, which was a geologist, archaeologist and explorer, named Johan Gunnar Andersson (1874.7.3–1960.10.29), he discovered some pieces of pottery in the north of Mianchi County, and the site occupies a total area of nearly 300,000sq.m, with culture layer thickness 2 m. The pottery had existed in the New Stone Age. That was a revolutionary time for China, and also it took a new step in academic research in Chinese history. He made the name of village in Yangshao Culture. He built up Stasiatiskamuseet in Stockholm of Sweden, which depended on his discover in China. At present, it is include more than 400 pieces of Yangshao pottery in. Thanks for the good cooperation between Stasiatiskamuseet and China archaeologist, the culture relics could be keep well in the progress of Chinese Culture development. Mr. Andersson will be remembered forever. Yangshao cultures are extremely important in the history of Chinese prehistoric. It is Andersson's contribution that make China's traditional historian realize that archeology, especially field archeology, is the essential way to understand the ancient history, He helps to strengthen the relationship of culture exchange between Sweden and China in the future.

Over 5,000 places have found Yangshao Culture Site in China, while Henan has discovered 1,000 Sites; take up 12% of the country. it mainly distribute in the mid-up of HuangHe, which is the core of Qin, Jin and Yu province, east to the central of Hebei, south to the mid-and-upper Han River, west to the Taohe River valley of Gansu, north to Hetao area of Nei Monggol.

Yangshao Culture connected the history of Neolithic Age, Paleolithic Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age; it is created a trend of archaeological excavation. Yangshao Culture attracts worldwide historical experts, archaeological experts and scholar's attention. It unveiled the culture of Yangshao over 2000 years' history.


Mianchi is wealthy in resources and full of energy. The survey shows there is raw coal more than 30 species, include bauxite, quartz sand, limestone, iron, barite etc. The total reserves up to over 3 billion. The coal resource is up to 1.19 billion tons that richly in the whole country of coal production, the quality is high and made of high heat use for industry and power generation. The bauxite resource is obvious advantages and has good quality. It has proved reserves 11.5 million tons, and maintains 14.7 million tons, the average ratio of aluminum to silicon up to 9.3, is the number of 1.69 times for the whole province, ranking the first in Asia. The reserves of quartz sand have 77.8 million tons, the content of SiO2 is 98.65–99.26%, and all of these materials are easy to be opened, to support plenty of glass and architecture industry.


Mianchi with abundant economic bases, persist in industry to be in the strategic position as the most important thing, making structural readjustments and furthering reform, strength management to promote the economy developed fast. The county of Mianchi makes their best to develop and innovate with the spirit of work hard, depend on their plenty of resource and opening up and reform, four industrial zones, Tiantan industrial park, Yingzhang industrial park, Guangfu industrial park of Ren village and orchard yard have been built by carrying out the strategy of reinforcing the county with industry steadily, depends on the advantage of resources, location, industry and culture to strengthen the construction of project, opening up and reform, attracting business and investment, formed series of production 3 million tons of alumina, 125,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, 150, 000, 00 tons of raw coal mining, 2 million tons of cement, 5 million tons of boxes of float glass and more than 7000 crystalline silicon. Set up with brewery, electronic, building material and durable material, smelting, chemical, medicine and food as the pillar industrial system, research on the Scientific and Technological Innovation ability has been improving gradually, The industry is turning from resource-oriented industry to processing manufacturing and high and new technology projects ones. Mianchi has become an important basis on energy, metallurgy, building and durable material. The great-leap-forward development of industry promotes the rapid development of local economy. In 2010, the whole county product reached 15.34 billion yuan, an increase of 15.7% over the previous year. The general budgetary revenue of local governments totaled 1.016 billion yuan, and breakthrough 1 billion yuan in history, increase 19.4%, total quantity rank first in Sanmen Xia city, the twelfth in Henan province. The investment in fixed assets reaches 13.56 billion yuan, an increase of 26.7%. The per capita disposable income of urban residents is 15,664 yuan, an increase of 12%. While the per-capita income of farmers' averaged 6406 yuan, an increase of 15%. The comprehensive economic strength keeps in the top 20 in the whole province. County economy competitive occupies the 171 nationwide. There is the most potential region of investment and demonstration in the central plains and China.

Mianchi has an advantage of good economy environment and unlimited development space. It is also one of the first batch to get greater power on the management of economy, to be opening up to the outside, processing trade grads transfer. The industrial district of Mianchi county is an important industry area of Henan. Located on the west of Zhengzhou-Luoyang industry corridor, Mianchi has obvious advantages. The government adopts a series of preferential policies, such as supporting open economy, promoting foreign investment in order of priority. Here forms a good atmosphere of love business, attracts more and more businessmen to come to invest. Tiantan industrial park and Yingzhang industrial park have been authorized by the government, with the area of 18.77 km2. Yangshao Culture and the circle line of north tourist industry are scheming with high standard. The act of taking occupancy to Mianchi invest company like East Hope Group, Chalco, Tianrui Group and China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd., etc. are receive big reward from here. With the strong strength of the big Groups are developing by Mianchi economy come on the neck of another. A bright pearl in Henan are showing a great potential and infinite grace.


Mianchi owns colorful and various kinds of scenery, such as Yangshao Grand Canyon, pool, mountains and so on. When you come to the Danxia scenic area and Shifenggu scenic area, you will be surprised by the unique, beautiful, also precipitous landscape. It's a renowned resort and lots of people would spend their vacation here every year. In addition, Mianchi is home to many kinds of local products. This place is a drying farming area and has longer frost-free days. The fine weather makes it feasible that plenty kinds of crops can grow well here. The total crop area is 645 million square meters. The main crop include wheat, corn, chilies, tobacco and peanut, of which chili is about 23 million square meters, tobacco production 40 million square meters, traditional Chinese medicine production 36 million square meters. Mianchi is famous for three Yangshao treasures: Yangshao Apricot, Yangshao dried persimmon and Yangshao millet, all these three enjoy high reputation across China. With unsophisticated folk atmosphere, beautiful hills and water, unlimited business space and opportunities, the people in Mianchi are striving to build their home a bright pearl in the Golden Triangle of Yu, Jin, Shan three provinces.


Coordinates: 34°46′N 111°45′E / 34.767°N 111.750°E / 34.767; 111.750

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