Mengjin County

Mengjin County
Traditional Chinese 孟津縣
Simplified Chinese 孟津县
Hanyu Pinyin Mèngjīn Xiàn

Coordinates: 34°50′N 112°30′E / 34.833°N 112.500°E / 34.833; 112.500 Mengjin County is a district of Luoyang, Henan, China.


Mengjin began its life as an ancient ferry crossing for the Yellow River. According to legend, King Wu of Zhou crossed the Yellow River at this location, after forming an alliance (/méng/alliance + /jīn/ferry crossing) with the other nobles. One theory goes that the original name was actually (literally: the ferry crossing of the alliance) rather than 孟津 ( and are both rendered as Meng). According to this theory, it was only in later times that the character was mistakenly replaced by . The ferry crossing was an important strategic location during times of war.

In Chapter 6 of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao explains that part of his strategy in engaging Dong Zhuo's forces was for Yuan Shao's forces to take control of Mengjin (see: Battle of Xingyang).

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