Melon Kinenbi

Melon Kinenbi
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Years active 19992010
Labels Zetima
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Melon Kinenbi (メロン記念日, sometimes romanized as Melon Kinen-Bi) was an all-girl Japanese pop group within Hello! Project. They were formed after they successfully passed the 2nd Morning Musume & Michiyo Heike Imotobun Audition. Melon Kinenbi is the oldest group in the history of Hello! Project not to have changed any of its members since its formation. The band occasionally worked as dancers for other Hello! Project artists; they can, for instance, be seen in the music video for Maki Goto's single "Yaruki! It's Easy".

The entire group officially graduated from the Hello! Project on March 31, 2009, along with the rest of the Elder Club. After their graduation, they collaborated with other Japanese punk-rock groups for several limited-release indie singles, and released their 4th album Melon's Not Dead. Two days after the album release and just after their 10-year anniversary, the group announced that they would disband following their final tour activities in May 2010.[1] The group performed together for the last time on May 3, at Nakano Sun Plaza.


Name Birth date Age Member colour* Notes
Hitomi Saito October 31, 1981 35 Purple Leader
Megumi Murata March 3, 1981 35 Light Blue Sub-leader
Masae Ōtani February 25, 1982 34 Green
Ayumi Shibata February 22, 1984 32 Red


Original Albums

# Title Release Date
1 1st Anniversary 2003-03-12
2 The Nimaime (The 二枚目) 2004-12-01
3 Melon Juice (Mini-album) 2007-12-12
4 Melon's Not Dead 2010-02-17

Greatest Hits Albums

# Title Release Date
1 Fruity Killer Tune 2006-12-06
2 Mega Melon 2008-12-10
3 Ura Melon
Coupling tracks collection


# Title Release Date Misc. Info
1 "Amai Anata no Aji" (甘いあなたの味, Your Sweet Taste) 2000-02-28 Second ending theme of "Sorcerous Stabber Orphen"
2 "Kokuhaku Kinenbi" (告白記念日, Confession Day) 2000-06-28
3 "Denwa Matteimasu" (電話待っています, Call Waiting) 2001-03-07
4 "This is Unmei" (This is 運命 This is Fate) 2001-10-11
5 "Saa! Koibito ni Narō" (さぁ!恋人になろう) 2002-02-14
6 "Natsu no Yoru wa Danger!" (夏の夜はデインジャー! Dangerous Summer Night!) 2002-06-19
7 "Kōsui (香水 Perfume)" 2002-10-23
8 "Akai Freesia" (赤いフリージア Red Freesia) 2003-01-29 audition song for the sixth generation of Morning Musume
9 "Chance of Love" (チャンス of Love) 2003-05-08
10 "Mi Da Ra Matenrō" (Mi Da Ra 摩天楼 Mi Da Ra Skyscraper) 2003-09-10
11 "Kawaii Kare" (かわいい彼 He's Cute) 2003-12-03
12 "Namida no Taiyō" (涙の太陽 Tears of the Sun) 2004-06-09
13 "Champagne no Koi" (シャンパンの恋 Champagne Love) 2004-10-27
14 "Nikutai wa Shōjiki na Eros" (肉体は正直なEros The Body of a True Eros) 2005-02-09
15 "Onegai Miwaku no Target/Crazy Happy!" (お願い魅惑のターゲット/Crazy Happy! Please, Captivating Target/Crazy Happy!) (Indies) 2006-06-10
16 "Unforgettable" (アンフォゲッタブル) 2007-03-28
17 "Onegai Miwaku no Target" (お願い魅惑のターゲット Please, Captivating Target) (Major Release) 2007-09-05
18 "Charisma - Kirei" (カリスマ・綺麗 Charisma - Beauty) 2008-03-19

Collaboration Singles

# Title Release Date
1 "Don't Say Good-Bye" 2009-06-24
2 "Pinchi wa Chansu - Baka ni Narō ze!" (ピンチはチャンス バカになろうぜ!) 2009-07-22
3 "sweet suicide summer story" 2009-08-12
4 "Seishun on the Road" (青春・オン・ザ・ロード Youth On The Road) 2009-10-21
5 "Melon Tea" (メロンティー) 2009-12-30


"Romantic wo Tsukinukero!" (ロマンチックを突き抜けろ!, "Breakthrough Romantic!") (debuted at their 2009 tour)


Title Release Date
Melon Kinenbi Single M Clips 1 (メロン記念日シングルMクリップス1) 2002-11-27
Cyborg Shibata (サイボーグしばた) 2002-12-05
Captain Shibata (キャプテンしばた) 2002-12-05
Melon Kinenbi Live Tour 2003 Haru: 1st Anniversary (メロン記念日Live Tour 2003春~1st Anniversary~) 2003-05-08
Melon Kinenbi Single V Clips 2 (メロン記念日シングルVクリップス2) 2003-12-03
Melon Kinenbi: '03 Christmas Special Chōjibu Melon (メロン記念日 ~03’クリスマススペシャル超渋メロン~) 2004-02-11
Shin Cyborg Shibata!! (新サイボーグしばたっ!!) 2004-09-29
Melon Kinenbi Live Tour 2004 Natsu ~Gokujou Melon~ (メロン記念日ライブツアー2004夏~極上メロン~) 2004-11-25
Tatakae!! Cyborg Shibata 3 (闘え!!サイボーグしばた) 2005-09-28
Hello Pro Party~! 2005: Aya Matsuura Captain Kōen (ハロ☆プロ パーティ~!2005~松浦亜弥キャプテン公演~) 2005-12-07
Melon Kinenbi Concert Tour 2005 Fuyu "Kyō mo Melon Kinenbi Ashita mo Melon, Christmas wa Musk Melon de!" (メロン記念日コンサートツアー2005冬「今日もメロン明日もメロン、クリスマスはマスクメロンで!」) 2006-03-15
Melon Kinenbi Concert Tour 2006 Fuyu 「FRUITY KILLER TUNE」 (メロン記念日 コンサートツアー2006冬「FRUITY KILLER TUNE」) 2007-03-28
Hello☆Pro On Stage! 2007 "Rock desu yo!" (ハロ☆プロ オンステージ!2007 『Rockですよ!』) 2007-04-25
Melon Kinenbi Single V Clips 3 (メロン記念日シングルVクリップス3) 2007-05-09
Kettei! Hello☆Pro Awards '09 -Elder Club Sotsugyō Kinen Special- (決定!ハロ☆プロ アワード’09 ~エルダークラブ卒業記念スペシャル~ Hello! Project 2009 Winter) 2009-04-15
Melon Kinenbi Final Stage "Melon's Not Dead (メロン記念日 FINAL STAGE "MELON'S NOT DEAD") 2010-07-14










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