Medieval History Magazine

Medieval History Magazine was a magazine dedicated to the medieval era, with a readership encompassing historians, re-enactors and other individuals interested in the history of the Middle Ages.

The magazine was published by Harnois, a French publishing company, in association with the Royal Armouries. Published in the United Kingdom, it was marketed throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. The first issue had the cover-date of September 2003. It was published monthly, until lower-than-forecast subscriptions caused Harnois to withdraw their support from the title. The final issue (no. 17) was published in January 2005.

Editorial Board

The first editor was Dr Philip Shaw, who helped to launch the magazine. His final issue was Issue 4, after which Dr Timothy Dawson took over. Dr Dawson remained until the magazine was finally withdrawn from sale. The editorial board comprised a number of well-known historians, including Stephen Turnbull, David Nicolle and experts from the Royal Armouries, Guy Wilson and Karen Watts.


MHM accepted articles and features from historians, experts and writers from around the world. Notable contributors include:

James B Harr III, Chris Walton (both of the University of Leeds)

Feature Articles

Volume 1

Issue 1: September 2003

Viking combat; Château Gaillard; the medieval joust; Ulrich von Liechtenstein and the film A Knight's Tale; Tournament and jousting armour; Pope John XXII; Jews in Spain; St Nicholas's church, Barfrestone, Kent.

Issue 2: October 2003

The accidental discovery of the Americas; Battle of Nicopolis; Genghis Khan; The walls of Constantinople; the Strengleikar; medieval sources of place-names

Issue 3: November 2003

Anglo-Saxon medicine; Medieval hospitals; Women in medicine; Battle of Leignitz, 1241, and Mongol strategy; Medieval games: Chess and Nine Men's Morris; Medieval monasteries; the film Excalibur

Issue 4: December 2003

Pilgrimage of Brother Felix Fabri Ulm; Military surgery; Robin Hood; Piracy; Border Reivers; Medieval gunpowder; the font at Sutton, Suffolk

Issue 5: January 2004

Luttrell Psalter; Battle of Manzikert, 1071; Battle of Hattin, 1187; Battle of Kosovo, 1389; Prostitution in England; Christopher Columbus; Scandinavians in Eastern Europe; Relics of Medieval Ireland

Issue 6: February 2004

Pyes de Pares; St Hild of Whitby; Cadfan, Wales 1257; 14th century English poetry; William Rufus; Edward I in Scotland; Historical reenactment; the Teutonic Knights at Riga.

Issue 7: March 2004

Battle of Lewes, 1264; secular music: troubadors and trouveres; Medieval dance; Hildegard of Bingen; Hnefatafl, the Viking game; Medieval medicine in Britain; Longbows vs handguns

Issue 8: April 2004

Channel Islands; Corey Castle; Normandy, 1204; Medieval seals; Medieval shipping; Preaux family, Channel Islands

Issue 9: May 2004

Ripon Cathedral; The decline of the medieval Castle; The end of the Knights Templar; souls and spirituality, 1100-1530; Blondel de Nesle

Issue 10: June 2004

Margaret of Anjou; Indenture in the 15th century; the aftermath of the Battle of Kosovo, 1389; Self-defense in Medieval Europe: primary sources; Medieval Stained glass in Australia; Archeology and anthropology of the Battle of Towton, 1461; Viking runes

Issue 11: July 2004

Saint Catherine's Monastery; Saint George; Mystery plays; monasteries; Backgammon; Edward Bruce in Ireland

Issue 12: August 2004

The Normans in Italy; Henry, son of Henry II of England; Richard the Lionheart; Gibraltar; Battle of Bosworth; the shrine of Saint Richard of Chichester; Table etiquette


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