Media of Jersey

Media of Jersey consist of several different types of communications media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and Internet-based Web sites.


The Frémont Point transmitting station is a facility for FM and television transmission at Frémont in Saint John, Jersey.


Local terrestrial television in Jersey is provided by ITV Channel Television (part of the ITV network) and BBC Channel Islands (an opt-out service from BBC South West) - both of these have local broadcast studios, production teams, presenters and other staff. Many other off-island stations are available, which are mostly the same as those available in United Kingdom.

ITV Channel Television - the longest-serving of the two services - produces regional programming for the Islands, including a flagship nightly news programme, ITV News Channel TV, which is supplemented by shorter news bulletins seven days a week. Other programmes include a twice-weekly sports magazine show Report Sport, the long-running children's series Puffin's Pla(i)ce and local documentaries.

BBC Channel Islands News is an opt-out service for the Channel Islands, broadcast from the BBC Radio Jersey studios in St Helier at 6:30pm (during the first half of Spotlight) and at 10:25pm (after the BBC News at Ten) each weeknight on BBC1.


Local radio in Jersey is broadcast by BBC Radio Jersey, and Channel 103.

Radio Youth FM, an internet radio station run by young people aged 12 – 24 is also active in the island and broadcasts up to 10 shows each week.

Jersey used to be served by the Normandy-based radio station Contact 94.


Canadian YouTuber Sips (Part of Yogscast) makes videos from his home in Jersey.

ChrisMD (FIFA and football YouTuber) lives in Jersey and plays amateur football (Sunday League) there.



Jersey's only newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post, and is the main printed source of local news and official notices. Its daily average net circulation was reported as 17,912 copies in 2012.[1]

The newspaper features a weekly Jèrriais column accompanied by English-language précis.


Lifestyle magazines include Gallery Magazine[2] (monthly) and The Jersey Life[3] (monthly).

Les Nouvelles Chroniques du Don Balleine[4] is a quarterly literary magazine in Jèrriais.

"20/20 magazine"[5] is the island's only annual personal finance magazine; Global Assets[6] the island's online quarterly international offshore finance magazine is also produced by the same company.


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