List of mayors of Neuchâtel

This is a list of mayors of the city of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The executive of the city of Neuchâtel is its Conseil communal. Its annual presiding member is the Président du Conseil communal.

Claude Frey was mayor in 1977/1978, 1982/1983, 1986/1987
Didier Burkhalter was a member of Neuchâtel's city government (Conseil communal) from 1991 to 2005 and its mayor several times (1994/1995, 1998/1998, 2001/2002). In 2009, he was elected to the Federal Council.
Mayor (Président du Conseil communal) of Neuchâtel
1888–1893 Frédéric-Auguste Monnier (1847–1931)
1893–1900 Alfred Jeanhenry (1845–1902)
2000/2001 Françoise Jeanneret (born 1959)PSS
2001/2002 Didier Burkhalter (born 1960)
2002/2003 Eric Augsburger
2003/2004 Antoine Grandjean
2004/2005 Françoise Jeanneret (born 1959)PSS
2005/2006 Antoine Grandjean
2006/2007 Daniel Perdrizat
2007/2008 Valérie Garbani (born 1966)PSS
2008/2009 Pascal Sandoz (born 1959)PLR
2009/2010 Françoise Jeanneret (born 1959)PSS
2010/2011 Daniel Perdrizat
2011/2012 Alain Ribaux (born 1962)PLR
2012/2013 Pascal Sandoz (born 1959)PLR
2013/2014 Olivier Arni (born 1969)PSS
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