List of mayors of Lausanne

Samuel-Jacques Hollard mayor 1803–1815
Pierre Graber was mayor 1946–1949. He later became a member of the Swiss Federal Council (1970–1978)
Georges-André Chevallaz was mayor of Lausanne 1958–1973 before becoming member of the Swiss Federal Council (1974–1983)
Daniel Brélaz, mayor elected 2002

This is a list of mayors of Lausanne, Switzerland. The mayor of Lausanne (syndic de Lausanne) presides the municipal council (municipalité), the city's executive.

Mayor (Syndic) of Lausanne
1803–1815 Samuel-Jacques Hollard (1759–1832)
1815–1842 Charles-Marc Secretan (1773–1842)
1843–1848 Edouard Dapples (1807–1887)
1848–1857 Victor Gaudard (1797–1871)
1857–1867 Edouard Dapples (1807–1887)
1867–1882 Louis Joël (1823–1892)
1882–1897 Samuel Cuénoud (1838–1912)Free Democratic Party
1897 Berthold van Muyden (1852–1912)
1898–1900 Louis Gagnaux (1851–1921)Free Democratic Party
1900–1907 Berthold van Muyden (1852–1912)
1907–1910 André Schnetzler (1855–1911)
1911–1921 Paul Maillefer (1862–1929)Free Democratic Party
1922–1924 Arthur Freymond (1879–1970)Free Democratic Party
1924–1929 Paul Rosset (1872–1954)Liberal Party
1930–1931 Paul Perret (1880–1947)Free Democratic Party
1931–1933 Emmanuel Gaillard (1875–1956)Free Democratic Party
1934–1937 Arthur Maret (1892–1987)Social Democratic Party
1938–1945 Jules-Henri Addor (1894–1953)Free Democratic Party
1946–1949 Pierre Graber (1908–2003)Social Democratic Party
1950–1957 Jean Peitrequin (1902–1969)Free Democratic Party
1958–1973 Georges-André Chevallaz (1915–2002)Free Democratic Party
1974–1980 Jean-Pascal Delamuraz (1936–1998)Free Democratic Party
1981–1989 Paul-René Martin (1929–2002)Free Democratic Party
1990–1998 Yvette Jaggi (born 1941)Social Democratic Party
1998–2002 Jean-Jacques Schilt (born 1943)Social Democratic Party
2002–present Daniel Brélaz (born 1950)Green Party


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