Mayor of Davao City

Mayor of Davao City

Seal of Davao City
Sara Duterte

since June 30, 2016
Style The Honorable
Residence Davao City Hall
Appointer Elected via popular vote
Term length 3 years
Inaugural holder Santiago Artiaga
Formation 1937

The Mayor of Davao City is the chief executive of the government of Davao City in the Philippines.[1] The mayor leads the city's departments in executing ordinances and delivering public services.[1] The mayorship is a three-year term and each mayor is restricted to three consecutive terms, totaling nine years, although a mayor can be elected again after an interruption of one term.

The current mayor of Davao City is Sara Duterte, the daughter of current President Rodrigo Duterte.[1]

List of Mayors of Davao City

Vice Mayor of Davao City

The Vice Mayor is the second-highest official of the city.[1] The vice mayor is elected via popular vote; although most mayoral candidates have running mates, the vice mayor is elected separately from the mayor. This can result in the mayor and the vice mayor coming from different political parties.[1]

The Vice Mayor is the presiding officer of the Davao City Council, although he can only vote as the tiebreaker. When a mayor is removed from office, the vice mayor becomes the mayor until the scheduled next election. As of now the incumbent is Paolo Duterte.[1]


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