For the 2004 Malayalam film, see Mayilattam (film).

Mayilattam (Tamil:மயிலாட்டம்) is an artistic and religious form of dance performed in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and Kerala [1] in reverence to Lord Subrahmanya.

Mayilattam[2][3] performer wears costumes from head to toe like peacock with beak, that can be opened and closed using a thread and performs specific dances. The performer dances not on his bare foot but on a tall piece of wood attached at the end of his feet. This art requires extensive training and practise. Even today this dance will be performed in all Murguan(Lord Subrahmanya) temples as a tradition during festivals.But due to the difficulties in practise and less amount of wages for the dancers, the number of Mayilattam performers is decreasing.


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