Maya-Gozel Aimedova

Maya-Gozel Aimedova (born 28 May 1941) is a Turkmen actress. Her most famous role is in the 1972 film Nevestka (Daughter-in-Law).[1]

Film career

Aimedova graduated from the Lunacharsky State Institute for Theatre Arts in 1964, and joined the Turkmenistan Young Spectator's Theatre in Ashgabat. Her onscreen debut was in Sluchai v Dash-Kale (Incident in Dash-Kala, 1961), in which she played a teacher who fights against outdated marriage practices. In 1972, she starred in Nevestka, for which she was awarded a USSR State Prize.[1]

Nevestka was directed by Khodjakuli Narliev, with whom she worked on a number of films, including Kogda zhenshchina osedlaet konia (When a Woman Saddles a Horse, 1975) and Derevo Dzhamal (Djamal's Tree, 1980). For both of these films, she also co-wrote the screenplay.[1]

Her last film role was in the 1990 film Mankurt. After Turkmenistan gained independence in 1991, the country's film industry was suppressed.[1]

Personal life

Aimedova is married to Khodjakuli Narliev. She joined the Communist Party in 1971.[1]

Awards and honours



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