Mauro Del Giudice

Mauro Del Giudice (20 May 1857 in Rodi Garganico 1951 in Rome) was an Italian jurist and writer.

During Fascism period was a great supporter of the independence of magistrates. In 1924, together with judge Umberto Gugliemo Tancredi, he was charged of investigation of the trial for the murder of Giacomo Matteotti. Convinced of guilty responsibility of the regime, he showed great tenacity to resist bribes and external pressures during the conduct of the trial. This intransigence will cost hhim the removal from office on the process Matteotti, probably by a direct involvement of the Duce, through a promotion that will force him to leave his office in the Rome for Catania. Later, sent forcibly retired, moved to Vieste with his brother Luigi.

In his honour is entitled to the Institute of Higher Education of his home town, Rodi Garganico.

In the film The Murder of Matteotti (1973), Del Giudice is played by Vittorio de Sica.


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