Maureen Kennedy Salaman

Maureen Kennedy Salaman
Born Maureen Kennedy
(1936-08-04)August 4, 1936
Glendale, California, United States
Died August 17, 2006(2006-08-17) (aged 70)
Atherton, California, United States
Political party Populist
Religion Christianity
Spouse(s) Gerard Morton
Frank Salaman
Children 2

Maureen Kennedy Salaman (April 4, 1936 August 17, 2006) was an American author, proponent of alternative medicine, and candidate of the Populist Party for Vice President of the United States in the 1984 election.


Salaman was born in 1936 in Glendale, California. When she was a child, her father, Ted Kennedy, who was serving in the United States Navy, was killed in World War II. The family then relocated to San Mateo County, California.[1]

Salaman became a nutritionist and soon became involved in alternative medicine. She was elected president of the National Health Federation, an alternative medicine lobbying group, in 1982, and held that position, with two interruptions, until her death of pancreatic cancer in 2006.[2][3]

Salaman was nominated on the far-right Populist Party's ticket in 1984 along with Bob Richards, a former Olympic pole vaulter. They received 66,324 votes (0.07%).[4]

Personal life

Salaman married Gerard Morton in 1957, and that marriage produced two children, Sean and Colleen. The couple divorced, and Salaman remarried to Frank Salaman.[1]


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