Marvin Bush

Marvin Bush

Bush in 2005
Born Marvin Pierce Bush
(1956-10-22) October 22, 1956
Midland, Texas, U.S.
Education Woodberry Forest School, University of Virginia
Religion Episcopalian
Spouse(s) Margaret Conway Molster
Children Marshall and Charles Walker
Parent(s) George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush

Marvin Pierce Bush (born October 22, 1956) is the youngest son of U.S. President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush (née Pierce), and brother of President George W. Bush, Jeb, Neil and Dorothy.


Early life

Marvin Pierce Bush was born on October 22, 1956 and was named after his maternal grandfather, Marvin Pierce. He attended Woodberry Forest School in Virginia, graduating in 1975. He went on to obtain a B.A. degree in English [1] from the University of Virginia, where he became a member of the Delta Phi Fraternity (St. Elmo Hall). He spent most summers and holidays at the Bush family estate.


He worked as director of HCC Insurance Holdings.[2] HCC, formerly Houston Casualty Company, is a publicly traded insurance company on the New York Stock Exchange. He appears in the 2008 award-winning documentary on Lee Atwater, Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story.[3] He served on the board of directors for SECURACOM from 1993 to June 2000.[4]

Personal life

He is married to Margaret Conway (née Molster) (b. March 2, 1959). They have two children, who were adopted from the Gladney Center in Ft. Worth, Texas: a daughter, Marshall Lloyd (b. May 14, 1986), and a son, Charles Walker (b. December 12, 1989).


In the 2016 presidential election, Marvin Bush endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, over either Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He stated that Johnson and running mate Bill Weld were both two-term governors,[5] who are "fiscally conservative, and their essential message is 'get bureaucracy off our backs', which used to be a part of what the Republicans believed."[6] He said that a list of controversies made Clinton untrustworthy, and cited Trump's negativity.[7]

Marvin had previously endorsed his own brother Jeb Bush, who lost the Republican primary.[8] Marvin's announcement is consistent with his family's general opposition to Trump. Unlike runner-up Ted Cruz, Jeb did not even attend the Republican convention, nor did either of the Bush former presidents, and all have explicitly spoken out against Trump, though until Marvin Bush's statement, no Bush family member had openly endorsed another candidate.[6] In the Republican primaries, however, another Bush brother, Neil Bush, had joined the Ted Cruz election campaign on the finance team.[9]



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