Marvel Edge

Marvel Edge
Parent company Marvel Comics
Status defunct, Apr. 1996
Predecessor Midnight Sons
Founded 1994
Successor Marvel Knights
Country of origin U.S.A.
Headquarters location New York City
Key people Bobbie Chase, Editor-in-Chief
Publication types comic books

Marvel Edge was a short-lived Marvel Comics imprint lasting from 1995 to 1996. Some of Marvel's "edgier" (more adult) titles were moved into the Marvel Edge imprint. These included titles featuring such characters as Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, the Hulk, Nick Fury, and the Punisher.

Marvel Edge was discontinued right before the Onslaught Saga (comics cover-dated May 1996).


Following an inter-office shake-up in late 1994, Tom DeFalco was removed as Marvel's Editor-in-Chief.[1] Rather than name a successor, Marvel appointed five "Editors-in-Chief," each of whom woud oversee a certain number of titles and, by extension, a certain portion of the Marvel Universe. This change was reflected externally by collecting all Marvel monthlies into broad groups: the X-Men titles, the Spider-Man titles, and three new imprints, one of them being Marvel Edge, which was overseen by Bobbie Chase.

The imprint was launched with the storyline "Over the Edge," (beginning in comics cover-dated September 1995) in which The Punisher went temporarily insane. He became convinced Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. were responsible for the death of his family, and pursued Fury through various titles which would form the core of the imprint, finally killing him. This led to a relaunch of the Punisher title, where the mafia faked Frank Castle's execution and recruited him as a mob boss.

The Marvel Edge imprint was discontinued after all comics published with a cover-date of April 1996.

Marvel Edge titles

Ongoing series

Limited series



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