Martine Batchelor

Martine Batchelor
Religion Buddhism
Born 1953
Spouse Stephen Batchelor
Religious career
Teacher Kusan Sunim

Martine Batchelor (born 1953), a former Jogye Buddhist nun, is the author of several books on Buddhism currently residing in France. She and her husband, Stephen Batchelor, work mostly in the United Kingdom and occasionally in the United States. In addition to writing books, she leads meditation groups with her husband that incorporate aspects of Zen, vipassanā, and Tibetan Buddhism. Batchelor also blogs frequently for the U.S. based Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. She studied Jogye Zen Buddhism for ten years at Songgwangsa with her former teacher Master Kusan Sunim, being ordained as a nun in 1975. Batchelor served as Kusan's interpreter on speaking tours of the United States and Europe from 1981 to 1985, the year she left monastic life, married Stephen, and returned to Europe. There she became a member of Sharpham North Community and served as a guiding teacher at Gaia House, both of which are based in Devon, England.[1] She has also led a Buddhist studies program at Sharpham College in Totnes, Devon.[2] As a multilingual individual, Martine speaks English, Korean, and French and can read Chinese characters.


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