Mark English (illustrator)

Mark English (born 1933) is an American illustrator and painter, born in Hubbard, Texas.


He lives in Liberty, Missouri with his wife, Wendy. He has four daughters; Donna, Stephanie, Emily, and Sarah, and a son, John.[1]


English has been one of the top illustrators in the US and across other countries for almost 30 years. Mark English has a unique style that separates himself apart from the rest.[1]


English's work has appeared in such publications as Redbook, Sports Illustrated, McCall's, Atlantic Monthly, Good Housekeeping, TIME, and others. In 1983, English entered « The Society of Illustrators' Hall of Fame in New York ».[2]


He has won hundreds of awards for his work and has been the most awarded illustrator in the history of the Society of Illustrators in New York City. including the 1967 Hamilton King Award from said Society of Illustrators.[1]



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