Marcos Fink

Marcos Fink also Marko Fink (born 29 November 1950 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a Slovenian singer of classical music Bass-baritone.

Marcos was born in Slovenian family in Argentina, but otherwise mostly lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

He was a member of various vocal groups in Argentina, and solo singing career began in 1985. He was educated by many European singing maestros: Wolfgang Schöne (Bach Academy Stuttgart), Philippe Huttenlocher, Aldo Baldin, Eric Werba, and Guillermo Opitz.[1]) While he worked as a professor of agrarian Zoology at the University of Buenos Aires. In 1988, on the basis of singing successes won a scholarship and went to training in London. In 1990 is debut on the opera stage in Salzburg. Since then he has appeared on numerous European stages.

His sister is Bernarda Fink, worldwide renowned classical music singer.[2]

He is married to Cristina Vovk, they have a daughter called Cecilia.


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