Marcel Duhamel

Marcel Duhamel (16 July 1900 in Paris – 6 March 1977 in Saint-Laurent-du-Var) was a French actor and screenwriter, founder of the Série noire publishing imprint.

He played The Foreman in Jean Renoir's 1936 The Crime of Monsieur Lange.

In 1953 he was credited as screenplay writer for Cet homme est dangereux, a French film adaptation of Peter Cheyney's novel of the same name.

He translated[1] and published Jim Thompson's 1964 pulp novel Pop. 1280 as 1275 Âmes ("souls") in French in 1966.[2] Thereafter, the book was transposed to French colonial Africa in Bertrand Tavernier's film Coup de Torchon (Clean Slate) in 1981.

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