Marc Douglas Cagas IV

Marc Douglas C. Cagas IV (born April 24, 1976) is a Filipino politician. A member of the Nacionalista Party, he was elected in 2007 as a Member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, representing the First District of Davao del Sur. He forfeited a run for re-election in 2013 in order to run for Governor of Davao del Sur. Cagas lost the election to the Liberal Party candidate, former Congressman Claude Bautista.

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima revealed over ANC News that former congressmen Douglas Cagas and his son Marc Douglas Cagas IV of Davao del Sur (1st District) and Arrel Olaño of Davao del Norte (1st District) were among those charged after they were found to have channeled their Pork Barrel Funds to non-government organizations (NGOs) controlled by suspected pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles between 2007 to 2009.


Preceded by
Douglas Ra. Cagas
Representative, 1st District of Davao del Sur
Succeeded by
Mercedes C. Cagas


Attended the University of the East,College of Law,1999 to 2004

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