Marayniyuq, Ayacucho

This article is about the archaeological site in the Ayacucho Region, Peru. For other uses, see Marayniyuq.

View of Marayniyuq
Location Ayacucho Region, Peru
Region Andes
Cultures Wari

Marayniyuq (Quechua maran, maray batan or grindstone, maray to tear down, to knock down, -ni, -yuq suffixes,[1][2] "the one with the grind stone", also spelled Marayniyoc) is an archaeological site in the Ayacucho Region in Peru. It lies southeast of the town of Huanta and southwest of Huamanguilla at the border of the Huanta Province, Huamanguilla District and the Huamanga Province, Pacaycasa District in a plain called Vega Pampa. Marayniyuq is considered a Wari site.[3][4]

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