Manuel Fernández de Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz in an anonymous portrait - now in the Museo Nacional del Virreinato, Tepotzotlán, México.

Manuel Fernández de Santa Cruz y Sahagún (18 January 1637, Palencia - 1 February 1699, Puebla) was a notable religious writer and Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Tlaxcala (1676-1699) and Bishop of Guadalajara (1674-1676).[1][2][3] As well as founding charitable institutions in his diocese, he published Sor Juana's Carta atenagórica (crititquing a sermon by António Vieira)[4] - as well as publishing this without her permission (albeit under a pseudonym), he told her to focus on religious instead of secular studies.[5]


Manuel Fernández de Santa Cruz y Sahagún was born on January 18, 1637 in Palencia, Spain and ordained a priest in 1661.[1] On February 19, 1674, he was selected by the King of Spain and confirmed by Pope Clement X as Bishop of Guadalajara.[1] He was consecrated bishop by Payo Afán Enríquez de Ribera Manrique de Lara, Archbishop of México, with Juan de Ortega Cano Montañez y Patiño, Bishop of Durango as co-consecrator.[1] He was installed on September 29, 1675.[1] On March 31, 1676, he was selected by the King of Spain and confirmed on October 19, 1676 by Pope Innocent XI as Bishop of Tlaxcala.[1] He was installed on August 9, 1677.[1] He served as Bishop of Tlaxcala until his death on February 1, 1699.[1]

Episcopal succession

While bishop, he served as the Principal Consecrator of:[1]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Francisco Verdín y Molina
Bishop of Guadalajara
Succeeded by
Juan de Santiago y León Garabito
Preceded by
Juan de Sancto Mathía Sáenz de Mañozca y Murillo
Bishop of Tlaxcala
Succeeded by
Ignacio de Urbina
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