Mangla Cantonment

Mangla Cantonment is an army garrison near Mangla Dam in Jhelum District of Pakistan. The town of Mangla and Mangla dam are located across the Jhelum river in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).During the construction of Mangla Dam, the area belonging to villages of Baral, Baruti, Thill and Sultanpur was evacuated to build residential colonies and offices. After the departure of foreign contractors and their families in late 1969, the area changed hands from WAPDA to army and finally made a cantonment known as Mangla Cantonment. The famous city of Mirpur is approximately 15 km from Mangla Cantonment.

Mangla produces about 1000MW of electricity for Pakistan power sector. Also having a canal system that provides water for crops around the region. Mangla dam holds vital significance in meeting Pakistan water needs.

Before becoming Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army,[1] General Pervez Musharraf was the commander of Mangla Cantonment.


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