Type Hangwa
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Dough (wheat flour, honey, sesame oil), jujubes, cinnamon, sugar, jocheong
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Hangul 만두과
Hanja 饅頭
Revised Romanization mandugwa
McCune–Reischauer mantugwa

Mandugwa is a variety of hangwa traditional Korean confectionery, consisting of a fried dumpling stuffed with a sweetened filling and coated with jocheong, or liquid candy. Its dough is prepared kneaded with wheat flour, honey, and sesame oil. The filling is made with filtered steamed jujubes mixed with powdered cinnamon and granulated sugar. While only a small amount of filling is put on a flattened piece of dough, the covering should be thick, in order to prevent the confectionery from bursting out after it is fried in oil. After frying, the dumpling is marinated in jocheong in order to preserve it, and eaten as an after-dinner snack.[1]

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