Mamure Castle

Mamure Castle
Anamur, Mersin Province, Turkey
Mamure Castle
Coordinates 36°04′51″N 32°53′40″E / 36.0808333°N 32.8944444°E / 36.0808333; 32.8944444
Type Fortress
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition Mostly standing.
Site history
Built by Romans
Mosque in Mamure castle

Mamure Castle (Turkish: Mamure kalesi) is a medieval castle in the Anamur District of Mersin Province, Turkey.


The castle is on the Mediterranean coast about 36°04′51″N 32°53′40″E / 36.08083°N 32.89444°E / 36.08083; 32.89444, on the D400 highway, 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) east of Anamur and 216 kilometres (134 mi) west of Mersin.


The castle was built by the rulers of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia on the foundations of a fourth-century Roman castle.[1] Designed to protect against pirates, it was repaired during the Byzantine era and during the Crusades. When Alaattin Keykubat I of Seljuk Turks captured the ruins of the castle in 1221, he built a larger castle using elements of the earlier fortifications. Later, it was controlled by the Karamanid dynasty (which was a Turkmen principality in Anatolia). Although the exact date is uncertain, according to an inscription by İbrahim II of Karaman in 1450, the castle was captured during Mahmut's reign (1300–1311). The castle was renamed as Mamure (prosperous) after repairs by Mahmut.[2] In 1469, the castle was annexed by the Ottoman Empire.[1] It was subsequently repaired in the 15th, 16th and 18th centuries and a part of the castle was used as a caravansarai.


The 23,500-square-metre (253,000 sq ft) castle is surrounded by moat. Its 39 towers and bastions are connected by wide ramparts.[3] The castle has three main courtyards; to the west, the east and the south. The western courtyard contains a small complex of a single minaret mosque and a ruined Turkish bath. The southern courtyard has the remains of a lighthouse.


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