Make America Great Again

A "Let's Make America Great Again" pin button from Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign
Donald Trump wearing a Make America Great Again hat in 2016.

"Make America Great Again" is a campaign slogan used in American politics that originated with the Ronald Reagan campaign of 1980. Donald Trump subsequently applied for and received U.S. Service Mark 85,783,371.


Created in 1979[1] when the United States was suffering from a worsening economy at home marked by stagflation,[2][3] it was first used in Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign.[4][5] The slogan was also used by former President Bill Clinton in his 1992 presidential campaign, although he later claimed the statement was a racist dog whistle during the 2016 election.[6][7]

Use by Donald Trump

Banner displaying "Vote To Make America Great Again" on a roadside in California shortly after the November 2016 election.

Trump applied to trademark the slogan in November 2012, and it was registered as a service mark as of July 2015.[8][9] Trump used it during his 2016 presidential campaign, particularly by wearing hats bearing the phrase.[10] Following Trump's election, the website of his presidential transition was established at[11]


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