MOS-1 (satellite)

MOS-1 - "Marine Observation Satellite 1", also known as "Momo-1" - was Japan's first Earth observation satellite. It was launched on 19 February 1987 on a N-2 rocket from Tanegashima.

It has three instruments: "Multi-Spectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer (MESSR)" which offers 50m resolution in two visible and two infra-red spectral bands over two 100 km swathes; "Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer (VTIR)" which has a much lower resolution in one visible and three IR bands over a 1500 km swathe; "Micro Scanning Radiometer (MSR)" which measures microwave emission in the 23 GHz and 31 GHz bands.

Its NORAD ID is 17527; it is in a polar orbit at roughly 900 km altitude, but has not been active since November 1995.

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