MK Electric

MK Electric
Industry Electrical accessories
Headquarters Basildon, Essex, England
Area served

MK Electric is a company that makes electrical accessories. The company's headquarters are in Basildon, Essex, England, from where it makes and sells goods worldwide.


In 1912 Charles Arnold and Charles Belling formed Belling and Company making electric fires. Following his release from the army in 1919 Charles Arnold founded 'The Heavy Current Electrical Accessories Company' with Charles Belling as a shareholder. This was later renamed MK Electric.[1] The company developed electrical equipment such as high rated switches and sockets.

Multy Kontact socket

One product, the Multy Kontact spring grip socket (3-pin plug), soon became a market leader and the British Engineering Standards Association (BESA) changed standards to adopt this new product. By 1923 demand for these new products was growing rapidly and new production facilities were built in Edmonton, London. The company was then renamed MK Electric after its flagship product.[2]

Shuttered socket

In 1928 the first shuttered socket was produced which concealed the live and neutral contacts when the plug is pulled out of the socket.

World War II

During World War II, production at the Edmonton factory focused on munitions to help the war effort, but development work resumed in 1945. In the 1950s MK Electric produced a light switch design which is still used today.

Post war

In 1966 the company floated on the Stock Exchange and became MK Electric Holding Company Ltd. The company later became a subsidiary of Honeywell International in 2005 when its parent company Novar plc was acquired.

Product Recall

MK Electric has issued a product recall on the 12/04/2013 for part 5500S due to it being a potential fire hazard. Please see for more information. This only affects the 5500S sold between 1 October 2012 and 26 January 2013. (The below products are also affected as they contain a 5500S)

5500S 5500SRP2 5500SBQ 5500SRP K5566SMAG17ED K5581SMAG17ED K5583SMAG17ED K5586SMAG17ED K5666SMAG17ED K5681SMAG17ED K5681SP117ED K5682SMAG17ED K5683SMAG17ED K5684SMAG17ED K5686SMAG17ED K5686SP1RP17ED K7663SP K7664SP K7664SPRP K7665SP K7666SP K7666SPRP K7673SP K7678SP K5604SSW K5608SSW K5612SSW K5616SSW K5686SP117ED


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