Luxembourg general election, 1931

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Partial general elections were held in Luxembourg on 7 June 1931, electing 25 of the 54 seats in the Chamber of Deputies in the centre and north of the country, as well as two seats in the south.[1][2] The Party of the Right won 14 of the 27 seats, and saw its total number of seats rise from 24 to 26.[2]


Party Votes %[a] Seats
Elected New total +/–
Party of the Right348,65246.01426+2
Luxembourg Workers' Party153,80519.2515+3
Radical Socialist Party78,4649.224–2
Radical Party (Marcel Cahen)65,8617.922+1
Party of Farmers and the Middle Class46,4466.922New
Progressive Democratic Party of the North35,7025.311New
Independent Party40,5694.7120
Communist Party of Luxembourg6,2640.700New
Independent Left20
Invalid/blank votes3,878
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Nohlen & Stöver

a The percentage of votes is not related to the number of votes in the table, as voters could cast more votes in some constituencies than others, and is instead calculated based on the proportion of votes received in each constituency.[3]


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