Lunar Eclipse (film)

Lunar Eclipse
Traditional 月蝕
Simplified =月蚀
Mandarin Yùe shí
Directed by Wang Quan'an
Written by Wang Quan'an
Starring Yu Nan
Wu Chao
Hu Xiaoguang
Music by Zhang Yang
Cinematography Gao Fei
Edited by Dayyan Eng
Beijing Film Studio
Release dates
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
95 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

Lunar Eclipse is a 1999 Chinese film and the directorial debut from Sixth Generation director Wang Quan'an. It is also the feature film debut of Wang's most frequent collaborator/muse Yu Nan. Unlike his next two films, which focus on rural communities, Lunar Eclipse is an urban drama following the wife of a newlywed couple (Yu Nan) who becomes mesmerized by an amateur photographer (Wu Chao) who claims to have once been in love with a woman who looked just like her. The film was produced by the Beijing Film Studio.

With its themes of dual female identities, the film is often referenced in conjunction with Lou Ye's Suzhou River.[1][2]



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