Los Teques

Coordinates: 10°20′N 67°02′W / 10.333°N 67.033°W / 10.333; -67.033

Los Teques

Los Teques cathedral

Los Teques

Los Teques City

Coordinates: 10°20′N 67°02′W / 10.333°N 67.033°W / 10.333; -67.033
Country  Venezuela
State Miranda
Founded 1777
  Mayor Francisco Garcés
  Political party United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Population (2001)
  Total 140,617
Time zone AST (UTC-4:30)
Website http://guaicaipuro-miranda.gov.ve/

Los Teques (Spanish pronunciation: [los ˈtekes]) is the capital city of the Venezuelan state of Miranda and the center of the Altos Mirandinos Metropolitan Area. Its population is 140,617 (2001).


Guaicaipuro memorial in Los Teques
Los Teques
Gustav Knoop Statue in Los Coquites Park

The city was founded in 1777 and was named after the Aractoeques Carabs, an indigenous tribe that once inhabited the area. On February 13, 1927, the capital of the Miranda State was moved to this city from Petare (before being in Petare, the capital of Miranda was in Ocumare del Tuy).


Temperature: Varies from 18 and 26 degrees Celsius.

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On November 3, 2006, President Hugo Chávez inaugurated the Los Teques Metro. This metro system is connected to the Caracas Metro.

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