Los Moonlights

Los Moonlights
Origin Montevideo, Uruguay
Genres Spanish Rock N' Roll
Years active Late 60's-1976
Labels De La Planta
Past members Sergio Iriarte; Osvaldo Iriarte; Gastón Ciarlo “Dino” ; Beto Risso; Yamandu Pérez

Los Moonlights was a band from Montevideo. Formed at the end the 1960s, they played live at the beginning of the following decade. After a couple of singles for the Clave label, the group signed with the decisive De La Planta, where they recorded an album, which has never been reissued. Simply titled Moonlights, the LP contains such songs as "Vamos dulce muchacha" (C'mon sweet girl) or "Milonga de pelo largo" (Milonga of the long hair). Like the other bands at that time played in small boites. Places like "La Cabaña" that gave a haven to the new sound. With the military coup of 1973, Los Moonlights, as so many others, suffered under abrupt change of rules. Unlike most of the other bands, they attempted to survive and kept playing live until the effort proved useless. Following the commercial flop of their second album, the band split and Dino pursued a solo career.

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