Los Iracundos

Los Iracundos
Background information
Origin Paysandú
Genres Nueva ola, rock and roll
Years active 1958-present
Website Los Iracundos Sitio Oficial

Los Iracundos are a popular band from Uruguay from the city of Paysandú, They have been active since the 60s. Their music can be classified as Rock and Roll, as well Ballads.


The Group was formed in 1958 in Paysandú, Uruguay and was originally formed by six musicians who called themselves "Los Blue Kings", this name was chosen as in that time most of the band's names were in the English language, but a music teacher told them that was a better idea if they switched to Spanish, so they adopted the name of "Los Iracundos", thanks to the dominance of the record label "RCA Victor".

The original band members were Eduardo Franco (vocals and composer), his brother Leonardo Franco (Lead Guitar), Juan Carlos Velázquez (Drums), Juan Bosco Zabalo (Rhythm Guitar), Hugo Burgueño (Bass Guitar), and Jesús María Febrero (keyboards).


Los Iracundos reached international fame with songs from youth like "Calla", "Todo Terminó", "El Desengaño", "La lluvia terminó", "Felicidad", "Tu ya no seras", "Es la lluvia que cae", and "El Triunfador", most of these songs were included on their album "Iracundos en Roma", their most successful album and the one who even took them to the big screen like the film "Este loco verano".

Los Iracundos debuted on stage in October 10, 1961 at the historic Florenzio Sánchez Theatre, in less than two years they recorded their first album with the record "Clave", which included the songs "Reten la noche" and "Madison", as well the songs "A Saint Tropez" and "Despierta Lorenzo.

But without a doubt, their most succesful and most recognizable song from this decade was "Puerto Montt" , which was written by Eduardo Franco and Cacho Valdez, it was recorded in October 16, 1968 at the RCA Studios in Argentina and was played it live for the first time on The Buenos Aires Festival de la Canción on November 11, 1968.


During the 70s, they reassured their popularity with many other recognizable songs such as "Te lo pido de rodillas" "Y te has quedado sola", "Chiquilina" "Soy un Mamarracho" "Rio Verde", "Tu me diste amor, tu me diste fe", "Cada noche mia", "Me estas matando" and "Y me quede en el bar". In 1972, the band performed at the Viña del Mar festival in Chile and it's one of their most successful performances in their history.

Every year they released an album, in some cases even two, it was in this decade that the band decided to compose their own songs with a more original style


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