London Philhellenic Committee

The London Philhellenic Committee (1823–1826) was a Philhellenic group established to support the Greek War of Independence from Ottoman rule by raising funds by subscription for military supplies to Greece and by raising a major loan to stabilize the fledgling Greek government.[1] Its first meeting was held on 28 February 1823 in the Crown and Anchor Tavern on the Strand. [2]

The committee was established by John Bowring and Edward Blaquiere. Its early members included the reformer Jeremy Bentham and Lord Byron. There were two causes that led to the formation of committee. First of all, the death of Viscount Castlereagh in 1822 and his replacement by George Canning as foreign secretary. The first success of London Philhellenic Committee is to recruit Lord Byron as membership. [3]


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