Loden cape

Red fox and loden jacket

A Loden cape is a coat of Tyrolean origin, made of a thick, water-resistant woolen material with a short pile, first produced by peasants in Austria. The fabric is derived from the coarse, oily wool of mountain sheep and has a traditional bluish-green colour. The name is derived from Middle High German 'lode' or from Old High German 'lodo', meaning 'coarse cloth'.[1]

To produce Loden fabric, strong yarns are woven loosely into cloth which then undergoes a lengthy process of shrinking, eventually acquiring the texture of felt and becoming quite dense. It is then brushed with a fuller's teasel and the nap is clipped, a process which is repeated a number of times until the fabric provides good warmth for the weight, and is relatively supple, windproof, and extremely durable.[2] A subclass of the wools known as "melton".[3]


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