LoCO2 Energy

Type: Utility company
Founded: 2009
Key people: Dr Bob Middleton (Founder; Chief Executive)
Products: Electricity and Gas
Headquarters: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
Website: www.loco2energy.com

LoCO2 Energy Ltd. is an independent renewable energy and low-carbon electricity supplier based in Hertfordshire, England. They supply electricity and gas to domestic and business accounts across England, Wales and Scotland. Their electricity generation comes from a wide range of low carbon sources, including their own micro-hydro projects and a range of independent renewable generators.


LoCO2 Energy was established in 2009 by Dr Bob Middleton as the retail arm of a vertically integrated group of energy companies under the TradeLink Solutions umbrella.[1] He had previously spent twenty years working in oil and electricity, specialising in the commercial energy market and negotiating key contracts behind some the UK’s newest energy developments.

In 1997, Dr Middleton set up the energy consultancy TradeLink Solutions who advise developers, farmers and landowners on securing commercial solutions for their renewable energy projects. They offer services in Power Purchase Agreements, energy brokerage, regulatory compliance, trading of Renewables Obligation certificates and as a voluntary Feed-in tariff licensee.

Two years later Dr Middleton began TLS Hydropower, who develop and operate a portfolio of micro-hydro projects across the UK. These sites generate renewable electricity, some of which feeds into the LoCO2 Energy portfolio.

The three companies mean the group is vertically integrated across the electricity market; covering generation, trading and the selling of renewable electricity.

Domestic tariffs

LoCO2 Energy offers three green electricity tariffs to domestic accounts. Each tariff varies in the percentage of renewable energy used in its fuel mix from a low carbon offering, which is 50% renewable, to a tariff which is 100% renewable using only naturally replenished sources.[2]

Business tariffs

LoCO2 Energy also has two SME business tariffs. The Business Green Tariff uses 100% renewable energy, sourced from hydro and wind. The Business Low Carbon Tariff is 50% renewable while the remainder comes from conventional gas generation.[3]

Fuel mix

LoCO2 Energy’s overall company fuel mix for 2016/2017 saw 100% generated from renewables, with the other 31% coming from natural gas. Many of LoCO2 Energy’s customers opt for their economy low-carbon Pocket tariff, meaning there is a proportion of natural gas in the company fuel mix.[4]

Awards and recognition

In July 2013, Ethical Consumer Magazine voted LoCO2 Energy’s ‘Planet’ and ‘Pocket Plus’ tariffs the second most ethical tariffs in the UK energy market. All three tariff choices were voted inside the top 10.[5]

In 2013, Ethical Company Organisation, which annually audits the tariffs LoCO2 Energy offer, awarded them a mark of ninety-five out of one hundred, stating: “The increased percentage of renewable electricity within the LoCO2 energy mix between 2010/11 and 2011/12 is a great result”.[6]


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