Liu Guanxiong

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Liu.

Liu Guanxiong (Chinese: 刘冠雄; 1861, Fuzhou, Fujian 1927, Tianjin) was a Chinese Admiral who was Navy Minister of China, from 1912–1916 and 1917-1919. When he was young he entered the Navy College of Fuzhou and was sent abroad to Britain. He was named Minister of the Navy and Commander-in-Chief upon the founding of the Republic of China. He was also Minister of Education (1913) and Transportation Minister (1912). During Yuan Shikai's rule as Emperor in 1915 he was named a Duke. Liu turned to Duan Qirui soon after Yuan's death, but the Chinese fleet became fractured and split due to Duan's refusal to validate the abolished Constitution.

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Political offices
Preceded by
None (Republic established)
Navy Minister of the Republic of China
19121916; 19171919
Succeeded by
Cheng Biguang

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