List of works for the stage by Weill

This is a complete list of the stage works of the German, and later American, composer Kurt Weill (1900–1950).

TitleGenreSub­divisionsLibrettoPremière datePlace, theatre
Zrinyopera Körnerafter a tragedy by Theodor Körner1916composed 1916, but lost 
Ninon von Lenclosopera Hardtbased on a drama by Ernst Hardt1920composed 1920, but lost 
Zaubernachtballet with song1 actBoritschWladimir Boritsch1922-11-1818 November 1922Berlin, Theater am Kurfürstendamm
ProtagonistDer Protagonistopera1 actKaiserGeorg Kaiser1926-03-2727 March 1926Dresden, Staatsoper
Royal Palaceopera1 actGollYvan Goll1927-03-022 March 1927Berlin, Krolloper
Na und?  Felix Joachimson1927-06-99composed 1926–1927, but unperformed and lost 
Mahagonny-SongspielSongspiel3 actsBrechtBertolt Brecht1927-07-1717 July 1927Baden-Baden, Kurhaus
ZarDer Zar lässt sich photographierenopera buffa1 actKaiserGeorg Kaiser1928-02-1818 February 1928Leipzig, Neues Theater
DreigroschenoperDie Dreigroschenoper
(The Threepenny Opera)
play with music8.1prologue and
8 scenes
BrechtBertolt Brecht, after The Beggar's Opera by John Gay1928-08-3131 August 1928Berlin, Theater am Schiffbauerdamm
Happy Endcomedy with music3 actsHauptmannElisabeth Hauptmann and Bertolt Brecht1929-09-022 September 1929Berlin, Theater am Schiffbauerdamm
Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonnyopera3 actsBrechtBertolt Brecht1930-03-099 March 1930Leipzig, Neues Theater
JasagerDer JasagerSchuloper2 actsBrechtBertolt Brecht, after Elisabeth Hauptmann's translation from Arthur Waley's English version of the Japanese No drama Taniko1930-06-2323 June 1930Berlin
BürgschaftDie Bürgschaftopera3.1prologue and
3 acts
NeherCaspar Neher, after Johann Gottfried Herder's parable Der afrikanische Rechtspruch1932-03-1010 March 1932Berlin, Städtische Oper
SiebenDie sieben Todsündenballet chanté8 partsBrechtBertolt Brecht1933-06-077 June 1933Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées
SilberseeDer Silberseeplay with music3 actsKaiserGeorg Kaiser1933-02-1818 February 1933Leipzig, Altes Theater & Stadttheater Magdeburg & Theater Erfurt
Marie Galanteplay with music2 actsDevalJacques Deval1934-12-2222 December 1934Paris, Théâtre de Paris
KuhhandelDer Kuhhandeloperetta2 actsVamberyRobert Vambery1990-03-22composed 1934 but not performed until: 22 March 1990Düsseldorf (in concert)
Kingdom for a CowA Kingdom for a Cow (revision of Der Kuhhandel)musical play3 actsArkellReginald Arkell and D Carter1935-06-28 28 June 1935London, Savoy Theatre
WegDer Weg der Verheissungbiblical drama4 actsWerfelFranz Werfel1935composed 1934-1935, but unperformed until: 13 June 1999Chemnitz, Theater Chemnitz
Johnny Johnsonmusical play3 actsGreenPaul Green1936-11-1919 November 1936New York, 44th Street Theatre
Eternal RoadThe Eternal Road (revision of Der Weg der Verheissung)biblical drama4 actsWerfelFranz Werfel1937-01-077 January 1937New York City, Manhattan Opera House
Knickerbocker Holidaymusical comedy2 actsAndersonMaxwell Anderson1938-09-2626 September 1938Hartford, Connecticut
Davy Crockettmusical play2 actsHaysH R Hays1938composed 1938, but unfinished 
Railroads on Parade (A Fantasy on Rail Transport)circus opera  HungerfordEdward Hungerford1939-04-3030 April 1939New York World's Fair
Ulysses Africanusmusical play2 actsAndersonMaxwell Anderson1939-99composed 1939, but unfinished material later used in Lost in the Stars
Lady in the Darkmusical play2 actsHartMoss Hart and Ira Gershwin1941-01-2323 January 1941New York, Alvin Theatre
One Touch of Venusmusical comedy2 actsNashOgden Nash1943-10-077 October 1943New York, Imperial Theatre
Firebrand of FlorenceThe Firebrand of Florenceoperetta2 actsGershwinIra Gershwin1944-03-2222 March 1944New York, Alvin Theatre
Street SceneAmerican opera2 actsRiceElmer Rice and Langston Hughes1947-01-099 January 1947New York, Adelphi Theatre
Down in the Valleyfolk opera1 actSundgaardArnold Sundgaard1948-07-1515 July 1948Bloomington, Indiana University
Love Lifevaudeville2 partsLernerAlan Jay Lerner1948-10-077 October 1948New York, 46th Street Theatre
Lost in the Starsmusical tragedy2 actsAndersonMaxwell Anderson1949-10-3030 October 1949New York, Music Box Theatre
Huckleberry Finnmusical2 actsAndersonMaxwell Anderson after Mark Twain1950composed 1950, but unfinished 


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