List of twin towns and sister cities in Egypt

Baltimore, Maryland, United States (1995)
Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Constanţa, Romania
Kanpur, India

Saint Petersburg, Russia (2005)
Shanghai, China

Iaşi, Romania
Sonoma, California, United States (2008)
Rinkeby, Stockholm, Sweden

Algiers, Algeria
Amman, Jordan
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Athens, Greece
Baghdad, Iraq
Beijing, China (1990)
Beirut, Lebanon
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Damascus, Syria
Isfahan, Iran

Istanbul, Turkey
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Khartoum, Sudan
London, England
Lisbon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain
Miami, United States
Moscow, Russia
New York City, United States
Paris, France (1992)

Rabat, Morocco
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Seoul, South Korea (1997)
Stuttgart, Germany (1979)
Tunis, Tunisia
Tokyo, Japan (1990)
Toronto, Canada
Karachi, Pakistan (2011)

Los Angeles, United States
Suzhou, China
Baltimore, United States
Hildesheim, Germany
Volgograd, Russia
Bizerte, Tunisia
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