List of sovereign states in Europe by budget revenues

This is map and list of European countries by budget revenues and budget revenues per capita for year 2013 from Eurostat and CIA World Factbook. Countries in blue have more than 100 billion, green 10-99 billion and yellow below 10 billion budget revenues from Eurostat[1] and CIA Factbook[2]

SourceState (51) [3] budget per capita budget [4]
eurostat European Union (28 countries)12,616.46,412,327.9
eurostat Eurozone (19 countries)4,780,990.0
eurostat Austria18,388.1155,720.7
eurostat Belgium17,858.2198,315.7
eurostat Bulgaria2,043.814,859.7
eurostat Croatia4,177.917,767.3
eurostat Cyprus7,675.76,655.8
eurostat Czech Republic5,815.661,137.5
eurostat Denmark24,966.1140,109.5
eurostat Estonia5,248.37,031.1
eurostat Finland19,918.9108,331.0
eurostat France16,540.71,087,404.0
eurostat Germany14,901.61,223,390.0
eurostat Greece7,524.383,465.0
eurostat Hungary4,718.746,685.8
eurostat Iceland15,009.84,859.6
eurostat Ireland12,791.958,866.1
eurostat Italy12,201.3744,873.0
eurostat Latvia4,075.68,209.6
eurostat Lithuania3,773.411,162.4
eurostat Luxembourg36,371.419,829.7
eurostat Malta6,982.82,950.5
eurostat Netherlands16,980.7285,269.0
eurostat Norway42,148.8214,115.8
eurostat Poland3,797.7146,263.0
eurostat Portugal6,908.372,409.6
eurostat Romania2,319.946,504.4
eurostat Slovakia4,789.525,925.8
eurostat Slovenia7,655.715,766.8
eurostat Spain8,411.8386,250.0
eurostat Sweden22,616.4217,128.9
eurostat  Switzerland20,293.2160,921.1
eurostat United Kingdom12,257.1785,521.5
CIA Albania 920.47 2,561.67
CIA Andorra 11,433.33 857.50
CIA Armenia 738.97 2,230.83
CIA Azerbaijan 242.33 2,300.83
CIA Belarus 235.02 2,223.33
CIA Bosnia and Herzegovina 1,666.02 6,409.17
CIA Georgia 815.10 4,028.33
CIA Kazakhstan 203.73 3,656.67
CIA Kosovo 874.41 1,596.67
CIA Liechtenstein 22,416.67 829.42
CIA Macedonia 1,219.34 2,519.17
CIA Moldova 700.66 2,442.50
CIA Monaco 24,166.67 870.00
CIA Montenegro 225.81 140.00
CIA Russia 2,550.16 365,833.33
CIA San Marino 17,388.02 556.42
CIA Serbia 202.11 1,455.83
CIA Turkey 2,069.53 158,666.67
CIA Ukraine 1,052.19 47,833.67

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