List of saints canonized by Pope Benedict XVI

This article contains some of the saints canonized by Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict XVI canonized 45 saints during his seven-year reign as Pope from 2005-2013:

No.SaintDate of CanonisationPlace of Canonisation
1.Felix of Nicosia23 October 2005St. Peter's Square
2.Józef Bilczewski23 October 2005St. Peter's Square
3.Gaetano Catanoso23 October 2005St. Peter's Square
4.Zygmunt Gorazdowski23 October 2005St. Peter's Square
5.Alberto Hurtado23 October 2005St. Peter's Square
6.Théodore Guérin15 October 2006St. Peter's Square
7.Rafael Guízar Valencia15 October 2006St. Peter's Square
8.Filippo Smaldone15 October 2006St. Peter's Square
9.Rose Venerini15 October 2006St. Peter's Square
10.Frei Galvão11 May 2007São Paulo, Brazil
11.Szymon of Lipnica3 June 2007St. Peter's Square
12.Charles of Mount Argus3 June 2007St. Peter's Square
13.Marie-Eugénie de Jésus3 June 2007St. Peter's Square
14.George Preca3 June 2007St. Peter's Square
15.María Bernarda Bütler12 October 2008St. Peter's Square
16.Gaetano Errico12 October 2008St. Peter's Square
17.Alphonsa Muttathupadathu12 October 2008St. Peter's Square
18.Narcisa de Jesús12 October 2008St. Peter's Square
19.Nuno Álvares Pereira26 April 2009St. Peter's Square
20.Geltrude Comensoli26 April 2009St. Peter's Square
21.Arcangelo Tadini26 April 2009St. Peter's Square
22.Bernardo Tolomei26 April 2009St. Peter's Square
23.Caterina Volpicelli26 April 2009St. Peter's Square
24.Rafael Arnáiz Barón11 October 2009St. Peter's Basilica
25.Francisco Coll Guitart11 October 2009St. Peter's Basilica
26.Father Damien11 October 2009St. Peter's Basilica
27.Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński11 October 2009St. Peter's Basilica
28.Jeanne Jugan11 October 2009St. Peter's Basilica
29.André Bessette17 October 2010St. Peter's Square
30.Candida Maria of Jesus17 October 2010St. Peter's Square
31.Mary MacKillop17 October 2010St. Peter's Square
32.Giulia Salzano17 October 2010St. Peter's Square
33.Stanisław Kazimierczyk17 October 2010St. Peter's Square
34.Camilla Battista da Varano17 October 2010St. Peter's Square
35.Guido Maria Conforti23 October 2011St. Peter's Square
36.Luigi Guanella23 October 2011St. Peter's Square
37.Bonifacia Rodríguez y Castro23 October 2011St. Peter's Square
38.Hildegard of Bingen10 May 2012n/a (equipollent)
39.Jacques Berthieu21 October 2012St. Peter's Square
40.Pedro Calungsod21 October 2012St. Peter's Square
41.Marianne Cope21 October 2012St. Peter's Square
42.Giovanni Battista Piamarta21 October 2012St. Peter's Square
43.María del Monte Carmelo Sallés y Barangueras21 October 2012St. Peter's Square
44.Anna Schäffer21 October 2012St. Peter's Square
45.Kateri Tekakwitha21 October 2012St. Peter's Square

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