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Rolling papers are small sheets, rolls, or leaves of paper, invented by the Spanish , which are sold for rolling cigarettes either by hand or with a rolling machine. When rolling a cigarette, one fills the rolling paper with tobacco, cannabis, cloves, damiana, hash or other herbs. The paper for holding the tobacco blend may vary in porosity to allow ventilation of the burning ember or contain materials that control the burning rate of the cigarette and stability of the produced ash. Civil War re-enactors often use cigarette rolling papers to make combustible cartridges for cap & ball rifles and revolvers.

Rolling papers

Abadie rolling papers
A box of Laramie cigarette tubes
An early 20th century pack of Rizla rolling papers, (no glue strip)
A pack of king size Smoking Slim rolling papers
Zig-Zag rolling papers
Name Country Description
Abadie France (France 1840) pink pack. Originating from Bolloré (now called Republic) in France, there were also Spanish-made Abadie papers which are produced by Miguel Y Costas, as well as an Abadie factory in Vienna. The Abadie brand website has been removed due to French anti-tobacco legislation which prohibits the marketing of cigarettes or cigarette papers. However, Republic Tobacco still produces and markets Abadie Papers. On January 4, 2006, Republic—through their subsidiary—renewed the trademark and signed an allegation that they are continuing to use it; (trademark statement). It cannot be disputed that this brand is still marketed and sold in the USA, without claiming that Republic filed a false statement in 2006 with the US Patent and Trademark office (which they did not). Abadie is still very much for sale in America and can be found at hundreds of specialty stores across the country (and in Canada as well). The Austrian/German Abadie factory also published a number of stamp albums, the main ones two large albums with 3800 stamps with coats of arms and flags, published in the 1930s.
Bambu rolling papers Spain Established in Spain, with production also now in Argentina
Bugler France (France) in the United States, 115 leaves (folded) per book; competes with Rollit and TOP. Was once popular in U.S. Jails, back when smoking was allowed.
E-Z wider Began in the 1970s to create a wider rolling paper.
Export Aquafuge Canada Manufactured by Macdonald Tobacco, makers of Export cigarettes.
JOB France (France 1834) first rolling paper in booklet form. Notable for iconic art nouveau advertising posters. See also Republic Tobacco.
Juicy Jay's (United States) flavoured rolling papers popular in North America
Laramie A brand of cigarettes and cigarette rolling systems (kits for rolling one's own cigarettes).
Rizla Began in 1532. Originally French, they are now made in Belgium for Imperial Tobacco, UK and is 75% of the UK rolling paper market.
Rasta (Español)
PAY-PAY First made in 1764 from Alcoy Spain. PAY-PAY rolling papers were originally traded by Spanish sailors for tobacco in America; this is the earliest record of a paper entering the North American market [1]. PAY-PAY brand papers have been produced for over 250 years; their packs and styles have changed greatly over this time. PAY-PAY is produced in Alcoy, Spain. The paper is made with ecological Arabic gum.
Rollies Manufactured in standard sizes 1, 114, 112, and king size.
*Smoking (Spain & Argentina) popular in parts of the world.
Swan (United Kingdom and Ireland) this company also produces matches, Swan Vestas, lighters, pipe cleaners, rolling machines, cigarette filters, flints, lighter gas and fluid.[1] The Swan company is based in High Wycombe, UK.[2] and is a subsidiary of Swedish Match.
Tally-Ho Australia An Australian brand of rolling paper distributed by Imperial Tobacco Australia. The packaging of the product aims to appeal to Australian patriotism, with many assertions such as 'Australia's Finest' and 'Australia's No.1 paper for over 60 years'. It also offers pieces of trivia on the packaging which again appeal to Australian patriotism, such as 'Australia's dingo fence is twice the length of the Great Wall of China' and 'Australia has more beaches than any other country - about 7,000'. The product is actually produced in Belgium. Previous to 2005 this was stated only on the inside of the packaging where it was normally not visible. At some point in 2005, packaging changed to include the notice 'Made in Belgium' on the outside back cover. Also made in Belgium.
TOP France (France) in the United States, 100 leaves (not folded) per book; competes with Bugler and Rollit. Some smokers suspect that the glue of TOP papers contains an additional addictive additive, such as sugar.
Zig-Zag France (France) first interleaved brand (hence the name). Gold medal at 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris.


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