List of rocket aircraft

This is a list of Rocket-powered aircraft.

Type Country Class Role Date Status Notes
Lippisch Ente Germany CTOL Research 1928 Prototype first rocket-powered aircraft
Opel RAK.1 Germany CTOL Research 1929 Prototype first purpose-built rocket-powered aircraft
Heinkel He 176 Germany CTOL Research 1939 Prototype liquid-fuel rocket-powered testbed
Cheranovsky RP-1 USSR CTOL Research 1932 Prototype liquid-fuel OR-2 rocket engine-powered glider, test in 1933 ended in engine failure
Korolyov RP-318 USSR CTOL Research sailplane 1936-40 powered by Glushko and Dushkin engines, ground tests in 1938, flown in 1940
DFS 194 Germany CTOL 1940 rocket-powered glider test plane
Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 USSR CTOL Fighter 1942 short-range interceptor powered by Dushkin and Isaev engines
Messerschmitt Me 163 Germany CTOL Fighter 1944 Production tailless rocket-powered interceptor used in World War II
Messerschmitt Me 263 Germany CTOL Fighter 1944 also known as Ju 248, development of Me 163
He P.1077 Julia Germany CTOL Fighter 1944 proposed rocket-powered interceptor, not built.
Focke-Wulf Volksjäger Germany CTOL Fighter 1944 three units under construction at the time of the Surrender of Nazi Germany.[1]
Ju EF.127 Walli Germany CTOL Fighter 1944 proposed rocket-powered interceptor, not built
Northrop XP-79 USA CTOL Fighter 1944 Prototype Flying wing. Converted to jet power for first and only flight.
Mitsubishi J8M Japan CTOL Fighter 1945 was to have been a licensed Messerschmitt Me 163 but the plans were lost so was only similar.
Rikugun Ki-202 Japan CTOL Fighter 1945 Improved version of the J8M/Ki-200 with the fuselage elongated for longer flight endurance.
Mizuno Shinryu II Japan CTOL 1945 Second aircraft developed in Japan to use a canard design after the J7W1. The end of the war stopped further development with none being built.
Bisnovat 5 USSR CTOL 1948 Russian design based from earlier captured DFS 346, cancelled (never flew under power)
EZ-Rocket USA CTOL 2001 experimental Rutan Long-EZ with rocket replacing piston engine
Mark I X-racer USA CTOL Racer 2006 Customized Velocity SE, prototype for Rocket Racing League.[2][3]
Mark-III X-racer USA CTOL Racer 2010 from Rocket Racing League[4]
Heinkel He 112R Germany Mixed power 1937 flown with both Walther and von Braun rockets, piston engine used to achieve flight for test.
Sukhoi Su-7 USSR Mixed power 1944 Sukhoi Su-6 with RD-1 kHz (chemical ignition RD-1) engine and piston engine.
Yakovlev Yak-3RD USSR Mixed power 1945 Modified Yakovlev Yak-3 with Glushko RD-1 kHz engine and piston engine.
Lavochkin La-7R USSR Mixed power 1945 Glushko RD-1 kHz engine and piston engine.
Hawker P.1072 UK Mixed power 1949 test bed with Armstrong Siddeley Snarler rocket booster mounted in the tail
Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor USA Mixed power 1949 rocket and jet engines
SNCASO Trident France Mixed power 1953 rocket mounted in tail and turbojet engines on wingtips
SNCASE SE-212 Durandal France Mixed power 1956 prototype interceptor
Avro 720 UK Mixed power 1956 mixed power cancelled before flight
Saunders-Roe SR.53 UK Mixed power Fighter 1957 Prototype prototype interceptor, first flew 1957, cancelled 1960.
Saunders-Roe SR.177 UK Mixed power Fighter 1957 Project development of SR.53, cancelled 1958
Lockheed NF-104A USA Mixed power 1963 rocket and jet engine powered spaceflight trainer
Sombold So 344 Germany Air launch 1944 bomber box buster with a detachable explosive nose (Project only).
Fliegende Panzerfaust Germany Air launch 1944 towed behind a Messerschmitt Me 109G
Zeppelin Rammer Germany Air launch Fighter 1944 Project designed to use the aerial ramming technique against Allied bombers.
Arado E.381Kleinstjäger Germany Air launch 1944 Project carried by an Arado Ar 234
Messerschmitt P.1104 Germany Air launch Fighter 1944 Project short-range interceptor
Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka Japan Air launch Attack 1945 Kamikaze aircraft
Bell X-1 USA Air launch Research 1947 Prototype first aircraft to break the sound barrier in level flight (Also conventional take off on one occasion)
Douglas D-588-II Skyrocket USA Air launch 1953 supersonic research aircraft
Bell X-2 USA Air launch Research 1955 Prototype Supersonic
North American X-15 USA Air launch Research 1959 Prototype Hypersonic. later variants capable of sub-orbital space flight.
Martin Marietta X-24A USA Air launch Research 1969 Prototype Lifting body
Martin Marietta X-24B USA Air launch Research 1973 Prototype Lifting body
Bachem Ba 349 "Natter" Germany Vertical takeoff Fighter 1945 Production Point defence interceptor. Production examples never deployed.[5]
Conventional takeoff Messerschmitt Me 163 
Mixed-powerplant SNCASO SO.9000 Trident with tail rocket and wing-mounted jets 
Air-launched Bell X-1A 
Vertically-launched Bachem Ba 349 Natter 


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