List of regulators in India

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The following is a list of regulators in India. Regulators exercise regulatory or supervisory authority over a variety of endeavors in India.

Sectors Regulator Established Website
Inland Waterways for shipping and navigation Inland Waterways Authority of India 27-Oct-1986
National Highways National Highways Authority of India 1988
Commodity Market Forward Markets Commission 1953
Telecommunication Industry Telecom Regulatory Authority of India 20-Feb-1997
Financial Audit and Accounting professions Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 1-May-1949
Financial system and monetary policy Reserve Bank of India 01-Apr-1935
Food Safety Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Aug-2011
Security Market Securities and Exchange Board of India 12-Apr-1992
Aeronautical Tariff Airports Economic Regulatory Authority 12-May-2009
Insurance industry Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority 1999
Company- related matters Registrar of Companies 1956
Power sector Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 24-Jul-1998
Pension sector Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority 10-Oct-2003
Warehouses Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority 2007

Atomic Energy Sector Atomic Energy Regulatory Board 1983
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