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This article lists political parties in Slovakia. Slovakia has a democratic multi-party system with numerous political parties, established after the fall of communism in 1989 and shaped into the present form with Slovakia's independence in 1993. Since 1989 there has been altogether 236 registered political parties in the country, 61 are active as of March 2012.[1]

In the Slovak political system usually no one party has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments, an exception being the parliamentary elections in 2012.

Active political parties

Parliamentary parties

Logo Name Abbr. Est. Ideology Leader MPs MEPs
Direction – Social Democracy
Smer – sociálna demokracia
SMER–SD 1999 Centre-left;
Social democracy, Social patriotism, Left-wing nationalism
Robert Fico 49 4
Freedom and Solidarity
Sloboda a Solidarita
SaS 2009 Centre-right;
Liberalism, Euroscepticism
Richard Sulík 21 1

Ordinary People and Independent Personalities,
New Majority[2]
Obyčajní ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti
Nová väčšina
OĽaNO–NOVA 2011 Centre-right;
Christian democracy, Social conservatism, Political activism
Igor Matovič (OĽaNO)
Daniel Lipšic (NOVA)
19[3] 2[4]
Slovak National Party
Slovenská národná strana
SNS 1989 Right-wing;
National conservatism, Euroscepticism
Andrej Danko 15 0
People's Party – Our Slovakia
Ľudová strana – Naše Slovensko
ĽSNS 2010 Far-right;
Slovak nationalism, Euroscepticism, Antiziganism
Marian Kotleba 14 0
We Are Family – Boris Kollár
SME RODINA – Boris Kollár
Sme rodina 2015 Centre-right;
Anti-politics, Conservatism, Euroscepticism
Boris Kollár 11 0
Most–Híd Most 2009 Centre;
Hungarian minority, Liberal conservatism
Béla Bugár 11 1
#SIEŤ 2014 Centre to Centre-right;
Social conservatism, Liberal conservatism
Radoslav Procházka 10 0
Christian Democratic Movement
Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie
KDH 1990 Centre-right;
Christian democracy, Social conservatism
Alojz Hlina 0 3
Party of the Hungarian Community
Strana maďarskej komunity - Magyar Közösség Pártja
SMK–MKP 1998 Centre-right;
Hungarian minority, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy
József Berényi 0 1
Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party
Slovenská demokratická a kresťanská únia – Demokratická strana
SDKÚ–DS 2000 Centre-right;
Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy
Pavol Frešo 0 1

Extra-parliamentary parties

Inactive and cancelled political parties

Parties in liquidation

There are dozens of political parties currently in the process of being liquidated.

Defunct parties (1989 - present)

Political parties in Slovakia (1948 - 1989)

Political parties in Slovakia (1945 - 1948)

Political parties in Slovakia (1939 - 1945)

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  2. NOVA ran thirty-four candidates on the OĽaNO list in the 2016 elections.
  3. Two of the OĽaNO MPs are technically members of NOVA.
  4. One of the OĽaNO MEPs is technically a member of NOVA.
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