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This article lists political parties in New Caledonia.

New Caledonia has a number of strong, well-developed political parties because of the use of proportional representation in the island's Congress.

The major issue dividing the parties is the question of independence.

Political parties

Party Party initials Translation Ideology
Rassemblement pour une Calédonie dans la République RPCR-UMP Rally for Caledonia in the Republic conservative, anti-independence
Caledonie Ensemble Caledonia Together liberal, anti-independence
Avenir ensemble AE The Future Together liberal, anti-independence
Uion nationale pour l'Indépendance-Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste UNI-FLNKS National Union for Independence-Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front socialist, pro-independence
Union Calédonienne UC Caledonian Union pro-independence
Front National FN National Front extreme-right, anti-independence
Union des comités de la Coopération pour l'Indépendance UCCI Union of Pro-Independence Co-operation Committees pro-independence
Libération Kanak Socialiste LKS Kanak Socialist Liberation pro-independence
Union Calédonienne Renouveau UC-R Renewed Caledonian Union pro-independence
Labour Party socialist pro-independence

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