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Hong Kong has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power by controlling the Legislative Council. The Chief Executive is elected by an electoral college and is non-partisan, but has to rely on political parties in the legislature for support, effectively having a coalition government.

Hong Kong has no legislation for political parties, and thus has no legal definition for what a political party is. Most political parties and political groups registered either as limited companies or societies.

In Hong Kong there are three main political ideological campaigns, which presents to pan-democracy camp, pro-Beijing camp and the localist groups.

Present parties

The list includes also political groups, trade unions, professional associations and pressure groups in Hong Kong that have been active in elections but are not considered parties.

Parties and groups in the Legislative Council

Party name Abbr. Associated ideology Current leader Regional affiliation Year of est. Representation
Legislative Council (2016) District Councils (2015)
Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong
DAB Chinese nationalism,
Starry Lee Wai-king Pro-Beijing camp 1992 12 (17.1%) 117
Democratic Party
DP Social liberalism Emily Lau Wai-hing Pro-democracy camp 1994 7 (10.0%) 42
Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong
BPA Conservatism,
Economic liberalism
Lo Wai-kwok Pro-Beijing camp 2012 7 (10.0%) 18
Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions
FTU Chinese nationalism,
Conservative socialism
Lam Suk-yee Pro-Beijing camp 1948 5 (7.1%) 29
Civic Party
CP Constitutionalism,
Social liberalism
Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu Pro-democracy camp 2006 5 (7.1%) 10
Liberal Party
LP Conservatism,
Economic liberalism,
Liberal conservatism
Felix Chung Kwok-pan Pro-Beijing camp 1993 4 (5.7%) 10
New People's Party
NPP Conservatism Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee Pro-Beijing camp 2011 3 (4.3%) 26
(incl. CF)
New Territories Association of Societies
NTAS Chinese nationalism,
Leung Che-cheung Pro-Beijing camp 1985 3 (4.3%)
(Part of DAB)
Professional Commons
PC Liberalism Stanley Ng Wing-fai Pro-democracy camp 2007 2 (2.9%) 0
Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre
NWSC Liberalism,
Social democracy
Wo Wai-chung Pro-democracy camp 1985 1 (1.4%) 5
Labour Party
LAB Environmentalism,
Social democracy
Suzanne Wu Sui-shan Pro-democracy camp 2012 1 (1.4%) 3
Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions
FLU Conservatism Ng Wai-yee Pro-Beijing camp 1984 1 (1.4%) 1
Civic Passion
CP Localism,
Cheng Chung-tai Localist camp 2012 1 (1.4%) 0
People Power
PP Direct democracy, Populism,
Radical democracy
Raymond Chan Chi-chuen Pro-democracy camp 2011 1 (1.4%) 0
League of Social Democrats
LSD Direct democracy,
Radical democracy,
Social democracy
Avery Ng Man-yuen Pro-democracy camp 2006 1 (1.4%) 0
D Direct democracy,
Social democracy
Nathan Law Kwun-chung Pro-democracy camp 2016 1 (1.4%) 0
New Century Forum
NCF Conservatism Ma Fung-kwok Pro-Beijing camp 1999 1 (1.4%) 0

Other parties and groups

Pan-democracy camp

Pro-Beijing camp

Localist groups

Umbrella organisations


Regional organisations, communal pressure groups and Kaifong associations

Electoral coalitions


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