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Above the broad range of political parties in Brazilian Parliament since there is no election threshold, the Workers' Party (PT), the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) and the Democrats (DEM) together control the absolute majority of seats in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies,[1] and effectively have dominated Brazilian political landscape since the return of democracy in 1985. Smaller parties often make alliances with at least one of these four major parties.

Since 1982 Brazilian political parties have been given an electoral number to make it easier for illiterate people to vote. Initially, it was a one-digit number: 1 for PDS, 2 for PDT, 3 for PT, 4 for PTB, and 5 for PMDB. When it became clear that there was going to be more than nine parties, two-digit numbers were assigned, with the first five parties having a "1" added to their former one-digit number (PDS becoming number 11, PDT 12, PT 13, PTB 14, and PMDB 15). Often political parties change their names but retain their number.

In the Chamber of Deputies

As of May 2015 [2]

Current parties

Party name (Portuguese) Party name (English) Abbrev. TSE number Registration date Number of members Ideology Position
Partido do Movimento Democrático Brasileiro Brazilian Democratic Movement Party PMDB 15 June 30, 1981 2,398,324 Centrism, Populism, Syncretic politics Centre
Partido dos Trabalhadores Workers' Party PT 13 February 11, 1982 1,589,260 Democratic socialism Centre-left to left-wing
Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira Brazilian Social Democracy Party PSDB 45 August 24, 1988 1,443,769 Social democracy, Social liberalism, Parliamentarism Centre-left
Partido Progressista Progressive Party PP 11 November 16, 1995 1,436,720 Liberal conservatism, Populism Centre-right
Partido Democrático Trabalhista Democratic Labour Party PDT 12 November 10, 1981 1,248,632 Democratic socialism, Populism, Labour movement Centre-left
Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Party PTB 14 November 3, 1981 1,191,746 Centrism, Populism, Federalism, Nationalism Centre
Democratas Democrats DEM 25 September 11, 1986 1,095,712 Economic liberalism, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy Right-wing
Partido da República Party of the Republic PR 22 December 19, 2006 796,764 Nationalism, Liberal conservatism Centre-right
Partido Socialista Brasileiro Brazilian Socialist Party PSB 40 July 1, 1988 644,663 Social democracy, Democratic socialism Centre-left
Partido Popular Socialista Socialist People's Party PPS 23 March 19, 1992 479,886 Social democracy, Social liberalism Centre-left
Partido Social Cristão Social Christian Party PSC 20 March 29, 1990 417,221 Conservatism Right-wing
Partido Comunista do Brasil Communist Party of Brazil PCdoB 65 June 23, 1968 389,407 Communism, Marxism-Leninism Far-left
Partido Republicano Brasileiro Brazilian Republican Party PRB 10 August 25, 2005 383,684 Christian democracy, Social conservatism Centre-right
Partido Verde Green Party PV 43 September 30, 1993 374,606 Green politics, Progressivism, Syncretic politics Centre-left
Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party PSD 55 September 27, 2011 311,706 Centrism, Syncretic politics, Economic liberalism Centre/Centre-right
Partido Republicano Progressista Progressive Republican Party PRP 44 October 29, 1991 248,717 Progressivism, Conservatism, Populism Centre
Partido Social Liberal Social Liberal Party PSL 17 June 2, 1998 224,040 Social liberalism, Libertarianism Centre-right
Partido da Mobilização Nacional Party of National Mobilization PMN 33 October 25, 1990 222,750 Left-wing nationalism, Agrarianism Centre-left
Partido Humanista da Soliedariedade Humanist Party of Solidarity PHS 31 March 20, 1997 201,673 Distributism, Humanism, Christian democracy Centre
Partido Trabalhista Cristão Christian Labour Party PTC 36 February 22, 1990 196,558 Conservatism, Christian democracy Centre-right
Partido Trabalhista do Brasil Labour Party of Brazil PTdoB 70 October 11, 1994 184,816 Centrism, Populism, Labour movement, Nationalism Centre
Partido Social Democrata Cristão Christian Social Democratic Party PSDC 27 August 5, 1997 184,225 Christian democracy Centre-right
Solidariedade Solidarity SD 77 September 24, 2013 161,914 Labour movement, Humanist Movement Centre
Partido Trabalhista Nacional National Labour Party PTN 19 October 2, 1997 158,777 Labour movement, Populism Centre
Partido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Renewal Party PRTB 28 March 28, 1995 134,606 Nationalism, Conservatism, Populism Right-wing
Partido Socialismo e Liberdade Socialism and Liberty Party PSOL 50 September 15, 2005 120,979 Democratic socialism, Anti-capitalism Left-wing
Partido Republicano da Ordem Social Republican Party of the Social Order PROS 90 September 24, 2013 85,599 Economic liberalism, Social conservatism, Republicanism Centre-right
Partido Ecológico Nacional National Ecologic Party PEN 51 June 19, 2012 68,687 Green conservatism, Humanism Centre-right
Partido Pátria Livre Free Homeland Party PPL 54 October 4, 2011 37,165 Scientific socialism, Left-wing nationalism Left-wing
Partido da Mulher Brasileira Party of the Brazilian Women PMB 35 September 29, 2015 27,027 Women's rights Centre-left
Partido Socialista dos Trabalhadores Unificado United Socialist Workers' Party PSTU 16 December 19, 1995 17,361 Trotskyism Far-left
Rede Sustentabilidade Sustainability Network REDE 18 September 23, 2015 15,606 Green politics, Social democracy, Third Way Centre to centre-left
Partido Comunista Brasileiro Brazilian Communist Party PCB 21 March 25, 1922 14,847 Communism, Marxism-Leninism Far-left
Partido da Causa Operária Workers' Cause Party PCO 29 September 30, 1997 2,895 Trotskyism Far-left
Partido Novo New Party NOVO 30 September 15, 2015 2,394 Liberalism Centre-right


Waiting for registration in the Superior Electoral Court

Abbrev. Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology Position
NOVA ARENA Nova Aliança Renovadora Nacional New National Renewal Alliance Conservatism, Nationalism, Economic liberalism Right
CON Conservadores Conservatives Conservatism Right-wing
LIBER Libertários Libertarians Right-libertarianism, Minarchism Centre-right
PCML Partido Comunista Marxista-Leninista Marxist–Leninist Communist Party Marxism-Leninism, Stalinism Far-left
PCR-UP Partido Comunista Revolucionário - Unidade Popular pelo Socialismo Revolutionary Communist Party - Popular Unity for Socialism Stalinism, Marxism-Leninism Far-left
PF Partido Federalista Federalist Party Federalism, Liberal conservatism Centre-right
PH Partido Humanista Humanist Party Humanist Movement Centre
PIRATAS Partido Pirata Pirate Party Pirate politics, Freedom of information Centre
AN Aliança Nacional National Alliance Separatism Centre
PNC Partido Nacional do Consumidor National Consumers' Party Consumer protection Centre
PSN Partido da Solidariedade Nacional National Solidarity Party Centrism, Christian democracy Centre
PRD Partido da Real Democracia Royal Democracy Party Monarchism, Conservatism Right-wing


Recently absorbed or merged parties

Abbrev. Name (Portuguese) Name (English) TSE number Ideology Merged in Year
PSD Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party 41 Centrism, Social democracy PTB 2002
PGT Partido Geral dos Trabalhadores General Party of the Workers 30 Centrism, Social democracy PL 2002
PST Partido Social Trabalhista Social Labour Party 18 Centrism PL 2002
PAN Partido dos Aposentados da Nação Party of the Nation's Retirees 26 Centrism PTB 2006
PL Partido Liberal Liberal Party 22 Centrism, Populism PR 2006
PRONA Partido da Reedificação da Ordem Nacional Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order 56 Nationalism, Populism PR 2006


Abbrev. Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology Lifetime
PCB Partido Comunista Brasileiro Brazilian Communist Party Communism 1922–1992
PL Partido Libertador Liberator Party Federalism 1928-1937, 1945-1965
AIB Ação Integralista Brasileira Brazilian Integralist Action Integralism, Fascism 1933–1938
PRP Partido de Representação Popular Popular Representation Party Integralism, National conservatism 1945–1966
PTB Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Party Nationalism, Populism 1945–1966;
PSD Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party Conservatism, Populism 1945–1966
UDN União Democrática Nacional National Democratic Union Conservatism 1945–1966
PDC Partido Democrata Cristão Christian Democratic Party Christian democracy, Conservatism 1945-66; 1985–1993
PSP Partido Social Progresista Progressive Social Party Conservatism, Populism 1947–1966
ARENA Aliança Renovadora Nacional National Renewal Alliance Party Conservatism, Nationalism 1966–1979
MDB Movimento Democrático Brasileiro Brazilian Democratic Movement Centrism 1966–1979
PDS Partido Democrático Social Democratic Social Party Conservatism 1979–1993
PRN Partido da Reconstrução Nacional National Reconstruction Party Centrism, Populism 1989–2000
PPR Partido Progressista Reformador Reform Progressive Party Conservatism, Christian democracy 1993–1995

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