List of neighborhoods in Oakland, California

A broad geographical distinction in Oakland neighborhoods is between "the hills" and "the flatlands" (or "flats"). The more affluent neighborhoods are located in the hills along the northeast side of the city, while neighborhoods are generally less prosperous the nearer they are located to San Francisco Bay. Downtown and West Oakland are located entirely in the flatlands, while North and East Oakland incorporate lower hills and flatlands neighborhoods. This hills/flatlands division extends beyond Oakland's borders into neighboring cities in the East Bay's urban core. The following is a listing of the neighborhoods of Oakland, California, categorized into larger area designations of the city:

Central business district

Main article: Downtown Oakland

East Oakland


Lower Hills District

Middle East Oakland

San Antonio


Lake Merritt

"Lake Merritt" is used to refer to the lake itself, and to the residential neighborhoods and commercial districts in its vicinity.

North Oakland

West Oakland

Oakland Hills

Northeast Hills[3]

Southeast Hills[4]


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