List of festivals in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man - is in the Irish Sea between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and is most famous for its motorcycle TT races.

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Traditional festivals

The Isle of Man is a Celtic nation, and as such there are close correspondences to Irish and Scottish festivals.


The T.T. The Isle of Man is renowned for the T.T. and its no speed limits. The T.T. is its major event attracting a world-wide audience and an extensive media coverage. Every year at the end of May and beginning of June the Island becomes a massive festival with racing in the day and an amazing range of entertainment in the night. The T.T. motorbike event attracts so many people because of the risks involved. With no speed limit on open roads around a beautiful but dangerous island it creates a thrill seeking event which competitors and spectators don't want to miss.

Jurby South Road Races and Jurby South National Road Races On 17 May 2008, the annual Jurby South Road Race will occur. This event is a series of short motorcycle races over a 4.25 miles in a circuit. These races have a massed start and include events for National and Clubman's Licence holders. On 12 July 2008, the annual Jurby South National Road race will run. This is a National level event on the same circuit as above. This event is an important successor to the Southern 100 races and a number of riders and spectators stay on for this event. Although the races have a massed start, it is restricted to the National Licence holders.

The International VMCC TT Rally This rally is held during TT Week. It is a motorcycle event that lasts six days and is organised to take place on non-race days.

Douglas Beach Race This motorcycle race is held on Douglas Foreshore during TT week. The bikes race over huge man made sandcastles. The Beach Race attracts huge crowds because of the thrills and dangers the riders face.

The Ramsey Sprint Held this year on 1 and 3 June 2008 and on 28 August 2008. The Ramsey Sprint has been run since 1978 and is one of the biggest events outside the T.T. races. It regularly attracts crowds of 20,000 and above. The Classic Sprint is held this year on 28 August 2008.

Manx Classic Weekend Trial The Manx Classic Weekend Trial is described by riders and spectators as the best of its type in Europe. The route takes in some of the most spectacular scenery on the Island. The premier sections are for expert riders and the Clubman sections for those who just want an enjoyable weekends sport. This event is to be held on 30–31 August 2008.

Formula 2 Stockcar Manx Open F2 TT The stockcar racing is a contact motorsport where the more experienced drivers start at the rear of each race. They have a set number of laps to make their way to the front, using their bumper to push their opponents aside. This event attracts large numbers to watch the dangerous, contact car racing around a circuit. Held on a 400-meter tarmac oval. Visiting drivers from the UK and Europe are welcome. Held on 21, 24, 26 July and the 11 and 14 August 2008.

The Manx Two Day Trial The Manx National Two Day Trial is for solo and sidecar competitions. The event covers all areas of the Island over two days. The event caters for modern and older machinery. One of the biggest and best Trials in Europe with two full days of Off Road endeavour. This year it is being held on 23 and 24 August 2008.

The VMCC Manx Rally A week of events for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, centred on the Manx GP Week. Enable our members to use and enjoy their classic and vintage machines whilst providing an entertainment backdrop for the race, particularly the post race parades of 200+ classic machines. Held this year from 23–30 August 2008.

Coastal events

Round the Island Yacht Race Held on 4 May 2008. The Round the Island Yacht Race is a large event that is held every year. They race anti-clockwise around the Island. Although this is a competitive sport there is also a full social programme. The participants compete for a chance to win a trophy but also to be awarded PY handicap points.

Ramsey Angling Festival The Ramsey Angling Festival includes a series of beach fishing competitions held over the weekend. Held annually, this year it will be from 15–18 May 2008. The event also includes the Penn Sea League Competition and there is prize money for the top 10. It is held on the North of the Island.

Mannin Angling Club Festival The event consists of two shore and five boat fishing competitions. Boat competitions are classed in two categories: private and charter. Held this year from 26 July – 1 August 2008.

Sport events

The Isle of Man Walking Festival The Summer Walking Festival from 23–27 June 2008 is a very important event to the Island as it shows some of the best kept secrets. This secrets are the views which can only be found by foot. The Isle of Man has some of the most varied landscapes - austere moorland, lush valleys, wooded glens, sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. Through experienced guides, you can discover this Island and find out intriguing information including our fascinating mix of Celtic and Viking heritage. On your visit you also have the opportunities to sample some of the Island's arts, folklore and cuisine. There is also a full social programme of evening entertainment.

Adventure Week and Weekend Festival This festival is outdoor based and is held this year 14–18 August 2008. A very popular event where families, couples and activity enthusiasts can come over and get themselves involved. Activities include sea kayaking, coasteering, rock climbing, diving, sailing. Novice intermediate and advanced levels catered for fantastic social and guest instructors from all over the world. The festival in fun-packed for everyone and even includes live music and evening entertainment.

Whit Hockey Festival The ethos of the festival is: to have fun, socialise, dress up and to provide hockey on a non-competitive basis. This festival if for teams and companies to have a breather and to have a team-based fun. It is open to men, ladies and mixed players and teams of all standards, where teams can take part in as many or few games as they wish, on grass or Astro-turf. This year the festival is being held from 23–27 May 2008.

The Crown Green Bowls Festivals During the events calendar there are two bowls competitions: the June Festival and the September Festival.

The Parish Walk

Isle of Man Dance Festival

End to End Mountain Bike Challenge On 14 September 2008 in the Isle of Man there will be a mountain bike challenge from one end of the island to the other. It takes in a variety of terrains and requires different skills to complete the event. 75 km in total, the riders require a certain level of fitness and also need a high level of skill to complete for honours.

Manx Mountain Marathon This Marathon is a 31-mile fell race that takes competitors from Ramsey in the North of the Island to Port Erin in the South. The course is mostly on fells and country and visits all the major hill summits. The race is one of athletics ultimate challenges covering 31 miles of difficult, rugged terrain as it visits the Isle of Man's major peaks. The date this year is 22 March 2008.

Isle of Man Easter Athletics A three-day festival of athletics held at various parts of the Island over the Easter weekend. The event attracts adult competitors of all abilities from clubs and heavily from universities throughout the UK. A 10k road race is held on Good Friday, Peel Hill Race on Easter Saturday and a 4 x 5k road relay on Douglas Promenade on Easter Sunday. The event culminates with the prize presentation and a party on Easter Sunday Evening. This will be held on 21–23 March 2008.

IOM Sports Club Challenge A series of sporting events aimed at club members, not elite players. The S.C.C.S now incorporates the student weekend and up to two other events (netball + squash). The number of sports may expand in the future. We are hoping to add either basketball or golf later. It will be held from 25–27 April 2008.

Isle of Man Marathon and half Marathon Race The full marathon and half marathon road races - on a quiet, scenic and rural course - starting and finishing in Ramsey. Medals, T-shirts and goody bags to all finishers. Free buffet lunch is provided. Trophies are awarded to the first three in all age groups. This year the event will be held on 10 August 2008.

NBC Basketball Camp The Basketball Camp is a week-long event providing basketball and life skills coaching for youngsters between the ages of 10 and 19. We encourage parents to attend parts of the camp throughout the week. This year the event is held from 9–13 August 2010.

Specialist events

Isle of Man Queenie Festival

The Isle of Man Queenie Festival - A Celebration of the sea. Usually held over 3 days in Port Erin and Port St Mary this unique food and sea festival celebrates the local Queen Scallop or Queenie known locally. Plenty of great attractions for all ages including beach parties, bbq's, drama, seasports and the main attraction which is the Marine Day with Marine touchtanks, Trawler races, Herring Dance, Queenie cookery and much much more.

The Spring Darts Festival

The Isle of Man's International Darts Festival is held annually and this year the dates are from 7–9 March 2008. More than 800 competitors took part in last year's event for a chance to win some of the £20,000 prize cash fund. The competitors confided that the most important part of the event to them was the World Federation Points and the B.D.O. Invitation Tables, Category A.

Ramsey Dog Training Club - Open Obedience and Agility Shows

The Ramsey Dog Open Obedience Show and the Ramsey Dog Agility Show are run by the Ramsey Dog Training Club who pride themselves on maintaining a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while upholding the competitive edge expected from any UK agility show. These are classes for everyone over the two days from the complete newcomer to the seasoned competitor. The Obedience Show will be held 12–13 July 2008 then the Agility show will be held on 19–20 July 2008.

Manx Model Meet

Gathering of model aircraft flyers for a club event on Jurby airfield. The event welcomes participants and spectators to compete and view the exciting aircraft competition. Held this year from 25 June – 9 July 2008.

Isle of Man Bridge Congress

From 12–14 September 2008 the Bridge Congress will take place. The congress is a duplicate bridge competition which forms part of the English Bridge Union's calendar of events. Its small size makes it ideal for club players who are new to congress events.

IOM Chess Tournament

An international chess event attracting top chess players from all over the world has been held in late September in Port Erin for the past 16 years (1992-2007). However, the 2008 event is as yet unconfirmed.

Isle of Man Festival of Pool - British Open

The Isle of Man Festival of Pool/British Open Pool would see pool players of all ages, male or female and from all parts of the UK and Ireland as well as players from France, Spain and other European countries attending the festival. It will be held from 26 September – 4 October 2008.

Manx Model Boat Festival

Music festivals

The Garden Party Festival

A small but ever-growing unique festival based on the Isle of Man which started out in 2010. Our mission is to give the public what they really want in a music festival and in doing so, promote the wonderful local talent we have here on the Island, support local business and local charities. The dates of our event are always centered around the Island’s Tynwald celebrations and the name is actually a nod to the garden party that is held annually by the Island’s Lieutenant Governor who is the Queen’s representative on the Isle of Man. The event is held in Begoade Fields, Onchan which is just outside the main village and not far from the Island’s capital Douglas.

IOM International Jazz Festival

The Isle of Man's International Jazz Festival at the Hilton Hotel, Douglas will be held from 19–21 September 2008. It is presented by the Manx Jazz Club. Featured are leading professional musicians and jazz bands. The music will vary from traditional to mainstream jazz.

Mananan International Festival of Music and The Arts

The Mananan International Festival of Music and The Arts attracts artists of all ages, from the Island and the UK, as well as from around the World. The festival is held at the Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin for the past 26 years (1975–present). For further information

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